Tuesday, January 19, 2021

What an incredible coincidence

 Republican Senator Richard Burr refused to side with President Trump in challenging the election and joined the chorus of politicians who threw him under the bus. Two weeks later, the FBI announces that they are closing the investigation into the questionable stock market activity that made it appear like the Senator got rid of all of his stock, right after receiving a COVID briefing where he learned that the nation was about to be locked down. No charges filed. 

Amazing coincidence, that. 


Mike Smith said...

IIRC congress critters are exempt from insider trading unlike us peons

Divemedic said...

Then why wait to announce it until after he helped destroy Trump? This same announcement could have been made back in March, but they waited. See, the US intelligence services are experts at compromising people. They practiced and learned those skills during the decades of the cold war.

We have been wondering why SCOTUS and Congress abandoned their duties, this is why. This is also why Trump had so many scandals. He just didn't care, so the US intelligence agencies made his life hell.