Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Sector 8 is now active

This is the last post here on Blogger. The new blog is located at I think it is fitting that it should happen as President Trump leaves the Whitehouse for the last time. Let's join Colonel Bella, the director of Blog control under the new regime, to see that he is not happy about this:

Your entire blog can be moved for a small fee and placed on that server. 
There is a one time cost for moving your entire blog. 
There is an ongoing cost of maintaining the server. The cost for the server is $25 a month, paid quarterly. We can also give you an associated email address for an additional $5 a month, again paid quarterly.  

If anyone is interested, drop me an email at Put "won't be silenced" in the subject line.

I am editing this post to add the RSS feed address of the new home:

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