Friday, April 3, 2020

Amazing coincidence

China begins drilling for oil in the South China sea, has the highest day's production of natural gas ever, and begins large scale military movement, right when the Wuhan virus removes the US Navy's chess pieces from the board. Amazing coincidence, almost like it was planned or something.

Slay the messenger

Instead of fixing the issue, fire the whistleblowers as an example of what happens to them. That way, no one will be tempted to do so again. It worked for the Chinese.

Thursday, April 2, 2020


Biden, desperate to get back into the news after being pushed out by the Wuhan virus, is advocating for funding Iran's nuclear program. 

Statistics are useless

In the past, I have pointed out that other countries do not count deaths the same as the US. For example, Australia only counts a death as being a homicide if someone is arrested and charged for the killing. If the killer dies before he can be charged, it doesn't count as a homicide. In the UK, a death only counts as a homicide if someone is CONVICTED of the crime.

There are many areas where we see a discrepancy in statistical methods. For example, in the UK if an infant dies within 30 days of being born, that death counts as a miscarriage and does not add to their infant mortality rates. This is one of the reasons, perhaps the largest reason, that the UK has an infant mortality rate that is so much lower than the US.

In the case of the Wuhan virus, this issue rears its head again as we find out that France only counted a death as being caused by COVID-19 if the decedent died while hospitalized. Patients who died in a nursing home or at home don't count. Until today, that is. Today, the French decided to add in the 884 people who had died in nursing homes. Those who have died at home presumably still do not count.

The point of all of this is that statistics are trash. Garbage in, garbage out.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

New Yorkers

Everyone I know that is from New York views rules as something to dodge, or something that doesn't apply to them. The guy that I posted about here fled New York yesterday because two of his friends died of COVID. He is staying in Tampa and has plans to go deep sea fishing. My in laws are hanging out at a bar that is only open to a small, select group of regulars. They refuse to abide by any sort of social distancing.
Honestly, if any of them catch COVID I will not feel sorry for them.

3 million new gun owners

I would assume that this is bad news for those who wish to ban guns.

Florida Stay at Home Order

As unconstitutional as I feel this order is, at least it doesn't include gun stores. Considered essential are:
Workers supporting the operation of firearm or ammunition product manufacturers, retailers, importers, distributors, and shooting ranges.

Does the Constitution not apply when people are sick?

Judge Napolitano:

Of what value is a constitutional guarantee if it can be violated when people get sick? If it can, it is not a guarantee; it is a fraud. Stated differently, a constitutional guarantee is only as valuable and reliable as is the fidelity to the Constitution of those in whose hands we have reposed it for safekeeping. 

Read the entire thing

Monday, March 30, 2020

Burning out

One of the signs that a pandemic is going to burn out is that people who are considered essential begin avoiding the infected. This means that people who normally work like firefighters, police, and medical personnel begin avoiding the sick by not coming to work. There are signs that this is happening now:

Combined with the fact that NYPD officers are calling in sick in large numbers, and you see the picture.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Not working

The US spends $2.6 billion a year trying to find a cure for AIDS and the virus that causes it: HIV. The disease is still endemic to (mostly) the gay population.

The US just shut down the entire nation, and just allocated more than $2 trillion to fight the Wuhan virus. That effort isn't working either. Why not?

The same reason: you can't get people to stop the risky behaviors that allow the virus to proliferate.