Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Election fraud continues

There will be one less Democrat voter in Palm Beach county next election. Election fraud and unauthorized access to a computer network are both felonies in Florida. 

I still say 6-3

 There were people in comments to my 6-3 article that wanted to point out that Roberts is a wishy-washy conservative and will cave to the Democrat side. He can't. Let me explain why:

Whatever the opinion is, the senior member of the court that is a part of that opinion is the one who decides who gets to write that opinion. So if Roberts wants to side with the 3 judge minority, then Thomas gets to assign the writing of the majority opinion to whichever justice he pleases. 

The only way that Roberts gets to do any damage control whatsoever is by limiting the scope of the opinion. Otherwise, the majority opinion will contain the strongest progun opinion that will still maintain the opinion of the majority. So he HAS to vote with the progun majority, or there is a risk that 922(o) will be struck down. 


 Remember that on election night in 2016 at 9pm, the New York Times was still predicting an 80% chance that Hillary would win the presidency.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Six to three

 Now that ACB is confirmed, there is a 6-3 majority of conservative justices in SCOTUS. What will that mean for gun rights? I am very encouraged at this point. 

What's out there

 My wife's favorite season is Autumn. Living in Florida, where the days are still topping out at over 90 degrees, we really aren't getting to see that particular season. My wife wanted to go see the Fall colors, and wanting to keep her happy, I obliged. There were a few reasons for that, but the main one was her complaint that the prepping thing was getting to be too much, and she doesn't want to live her life in a bunker. OK, I get that, so off we went- headed north.

I only had a couple of conditions:

1 We had to avoid any city that was higher than a Level One on my 'Danger Zone" page.

2 We could only travel in states where my CWP was accepted. Since the Florida permit has reciprocity for most of the US, this shouldn't be a problem. 

So, on Friday, we headed up I-75 into Georgia. We needed to avoid Atlanta (Zone 2), so we left the Interstate when we got to Macon, GA and headed northeast. My wife wanted to stop at Stone Mountain. I vetoed that. We wound up stopping for the night once we got to Athens, GA. We then travelled on to Helen, Ga. 

For those who do not know about Helen, it is a touristy small town with an Alpine theme. It was pretty crowded, and it is a perfect example of why Joe Biden's national mask mandate won't work. The town usually celebrates Octoberfest, but the event was cancelled. The town's businesses and visitors don't care that it was cancelled- this is what the beer tent looked like in the middle of the afternoon:

We left Helen and drove to Cherokee, NC. We spent the night there in a hotel, and got to play a bit in the casino. The casino, being a part of Caesar's chain of casinos, has a mask requirement and temperature scan requirement for entry.  Still, the staff's attempts at social distancing were unsuccessful. 

That is NOT six feet of separation. 

The western edge of the Blue Ridge parkway is in Cherokee, and we drove that for three and a half hours to Asheville, NC. The highest altitude was just over 6,000 feet. The colors were amazing, temperatures were in the 50's, and the views were spectacular. In Asheville, we caught I-26 to I-95, and spent the night in Savannah, Ga before coming home. So, all in all, a pretty good three day roadtrip.

There are crowds of people out there who want things back to normal. Lift the government boot off the necks of the US economy, and it will take off again. I just don't see that people WANT to be held back any longer. 

Speaking of support, I noticed that there were a very few Biden/Harris signs on the route, including lawn signs. There were at least ten times as many Trump signs. I will admit that we avoided the large cities, where I would presume that Biden has more supporters. However, there were not nearly as many Biden bumper stickers as there were Trump, either. 

I just don't get the feeling that there is a groundswell of Biden support out there. I would be surprised of Biden has the votes that polling seems to indicate that he has. 

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Dance, monkey

 Michael Keaton thinks that because he played a fictional, anti gun character called Batman that he is qualified to tell me who to vote for. 

First of all, he was replaced 28 years and  11 Batman movies ago. 

Second: he is an ACTOR.

Shut up and dance, monkey. 

Friday, October 23, 2020

Stop wasting our time and money

 There is a news article blasting California school officials for threatening parents with the arrest of their child for truancy. Many on the right have a problem with this, and I am not sure I have a problem with enforcing truancy. I think that it should, however, be the parents who face penalties.

Truancy isn't a new problem that has just come about die to COVID. For years, I have sat and watched as more than 75% of my students are chronically absent. Chronically absent means that a student is not in school more than ten percent of the time. More than a third of my students miss more than half of class time. One in ten of my students miss three quarters or more of school hours. Out of 180 school days, the median number of absent days is 23. If an adult were to miss that much work, they wouldn't have a job for very long, yet half of my students are gone for the equivalent of a month each school year. 

I have had students whose parents sign them out of school every day, two hours before the end of the school day, so the student can go to an after school job. Some students are late by an hour more to school every morning, and when you ask them why, they will tell you because they wanted to stop to get breakfast with their boyfriend/girlfriend. 

Teachers are held responsible for what their students learn or do not learn. If a teacher's students are not learning enough, that teacher can lose their job. If enough students fail to learn, the entire administrative staff MUST be terminated by law. 

Taxpayers should be livid, because the courts have ruled that a free education is a constitutional right. That means the school must be funded with taxpayer dollars, even if the students choose not to go. These truants and their parents are robbing the taxpayers blind. 

I think it should look like this:

For students under the age of 15: 

If a student misses more than 5 school days in a quarter, then the parents will be subject to a monetary fine of up to $250, unless they can produce a doctor's note outlining an illness that prevents the child from coming to school. 

If a student misses more than 10 school days in a semester, then that fine increases to a maximum of $1,000. 

If a student misses more than 30 days in an entire school year, then the parent can be sentenced to up to 30 days in jail and additional fines. 

For students over the age of 15: 

If a student is tardy to school more than 5 times in a semester, then the student loses campus parking privileges.

If a student skips or otherwise misses 15 hours of any single class in a single school year, they will automatically fail the course and their parents would be subject to a fine of not more than $500. 

If a student misses more than 5 school days in a quarter, then the parents will be subject to a monetary fine of up to $250, unless they can produce a doctor's note outlining an illness that prevents the child from coming to school. 

If a student misses more than 10 days in a school semester, they will be subject to a hearing that will determine whether or not they are defacto dropouts. If they are ruled to be dropouts, the student will be removed from taxpayer funded school and will not be able to re-enroll in school at taxpayer expense. Wanna skip school and waste money? Do it on your own dime.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Democrats coming unglued

 They are furious that the Republican Senate is about to confirm ACB. They are claiming that the refusal to fill Scalia's seat is 'court packing' and somehow wrong. 

The Democrats could have selected Scalia's replacement in 2016, and the accusation is that the Republicans wouldn't allow his selectee to be voted upon. That is pure BS. The Obama administration could have had Scalia's replacement in 2016. All they had to do was offer a replacement that was not a hard core leftist. If they had offered a more centrist candidate, the Republicans would have likely approved. The reason is that the Republican Senate would have approved a left leaning centrist, rather than wait to see the hard core leftist that HRC was going to nominate. 

But Obama didn't do that. Why not?

You see, everyone who mattered thought that Hillary was going to be the next President. The Democrats believed it so much, they decided to stick to the extremist pick on the theory that HRC was going to ram through a leftist candidate to replace Scalia and swing the court to the left. 

The Republicans, with nothing to lose, decided to call the bet and see what was in the cards.

The Democrats went all in on an HRC victory. Trump's win destroyed all of that. During the primaries, the Democrats could look and see that they were likely not going to win the 2020 Presidential elections. They knew that and were going to cheat their way to a Biden victory, boot Biden out of office using the 25th Amendment and place Kamala Harris in the Whitehouse as the first female President. RBG could retire and be replaced with a younger woman, who would likely serve on SCOTUS for 40 or 50 years. 

Then RBG died. 

Now the Democrats are going to lose the Presidency, their hope of having the first Female President, and they are going to lose the Supreme Court. 

That, frankly, pisses them right the fuck off.  

Food for thought

 When a nation wants to prepare for starting a war, they train their forces to the best level possible. Then they rest and perform maintenance. These two steps ensure the highest level of readiness. 

This could explain the abrupt decrease in violent protests. The next two weeks will tell. 

Important Florida self defense case

 From the Florida state Second court of appeals:

“An armed man can continue to pose a threat of death or great bodily harm even when he is seeking cover behind or inside a car”

Read the whole story at Jon Gutmacher's blog. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2020


 In my county, Republicans outnumber Democrats more than 2:1. Here are some things that surprised me about my area:

All voters:

24% Democrat   57% Republican  19% No party affiliation 

84% White 6% Hispanic 4% black 7% other

43% Men 54% women 3% other or unknown (chose not to say when they registered)

White voters: 

59% Republican     21% Democrat   19% No party affiliation  

Among registered Black voters:

80% are Democrat     11% are no party affiliation   8 % Republican

Among Hispanic Voters:

35% Republican   34% Democrat   30% No party affiliation

I knew that the Democrats considered the Black voting bloc to be in their pocket, but I had no idea that it was so overwhelming. In fact, it is more pronounced among black women:

Democrat 86 %    Republican 4%    Other and No party affiliation: 10%

This explains why elections have become about race. 

29 percent of registered voters in my county have requested absentee ballots. There are more absentee ballots than there are registered Democrats. 

Even though early voting is only 2 days old, more than a third of the county has already voted. I plan on voting on Thursday. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

I fear that the time approaches

Quote of the day:

 “Unhappy it is, though, to reflect that a brother’s sword has been sheathed in a brother’s breast and that the once-happy plains of America are either to be drenched with blood or inhabited by slaves. Sad alternative! But can a virtuous man hesitate in his choice?” George Washington.

Dave Bautista= another liberal hypocrite

 If they didn't have double standards, they wouldn't have any standards at all. 

Liberal logic

 On a news article about the cruise lines, I saw a comment that the cruise ships should be used to provide free housing to people made homeless because they lost their jobs due to the COVID shut down. I had to respond.

Divemedic: Why should the cruise lines have to shoulder even more costs for COVID? How much of your own money are you willing to donate to make this happen?

Liberal: We already are by paying much more in taxes than our commander in chief. How much is he willing to pay to help those in need? Could give a government grant to the cruise line industry to safely house people and maybe help keep them afloat.

DM: What do the President's taxes have to do with that? A cruise ship is not a very economical way to house homeless people. Besides, how can you make the case that it is OK for homeless people to be living on a cruise ship, but not OK for that same cruise ship to resume operation? The reason the cruise industry is in trouble is because the government won't allow them to sail because COVID.

Liberal: Think you've done too many dives without your mask.

DM: This is a good way to tell when someone has lost in the discussion of ideas: they revert to personal attacks. The point here is this: you want the owners of the cruise line (or taxpayers, or the President, you keep moving the goal posts) to shoulder the cost of housing people who are homeless because they lost their jobs due to COVID. The ironic part of your argument is that the people wouldn't be jobless OR homeless if the government hadn't put them out of work by declaring that people couldn't live on cruise ships in the first place. Instead of addressing that flaw in your plan, you resort to attacking my handle.

At that point, my posts became moderated by the station. They are no longer visible. 

Sunday, October 18, 2020



Let me explain

 The reason why I posted yesterday morning that we are done is because evidence now shows that every agency of the Federal government has been subverted. We have reached a point of critical mass where the leviathan exists only to increase its own power. 

The FBI's sole purpose now is to protect the corrupt Socialists Communist Insurgents Democrats who wish to overthrow the government. They are busy covering up the graft, corruption, and outright power grabs, all while making up threats of a white supremacist terrorist network. A network, I should add, that has not actually carried out a single attack. 

The story of the FBI covering for the Biden family corruption while simultaneously forwarding investigations to undermine the President even though they are aware that the Russian Collusion never happened shows that the FBI, along with the rest of the alphabet agencies, are enemies of the people that they are nominally there to protect. 

The time for changing the course of this nation has passed. The path that this nation has set upon is now impossible to change. We have a nation that is $27 trillion in debt with another $155 trillion in unfunded liability, with no conceivable way to pay for it. This same government has almost unlimited power and a vast alphabet agency of police forces at its disposal. Once they can no longer bribe or con the masses into submission, they will get desperate and use force. It is inevitable. 

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Monetary issues

 The United States has already borrowed $27 trillion. In addition, the US has also promised to pay out $155 trillion to people, also known as unfunded liability. The Democrats, if handed the reins of power, want to spend even more: free college, free healthcare, free rent. 

Where will all of this come from? The government takes in $3.3 trillion a year in taxes from all sources. 

If we confiscated the entire fortune of the top 25 richest Americans, the Government would have $1.4 trillion. If applied to the US debt, we could bring the debt back to where it was on May 28, 2020, or 142 days ago. Now what?

There are only 800 US billionaires. If we confiscate the additional $2 trillion in their net worth, we could cut the debt back to where it was April 1, 2020. 

There are 71,000 people with a net worth of $50 million or more. There are 1.3 million people in the US with a net worth of $10 million or more. There are 7.6 million people with a net worth of $2 million or more. There are only 18.6 million people in the US with a net worth of over $1 million. 

So when they tell you that the top 1% of the richest own blah, blah, blah- remember that the top 1% of Americans includes people worth about $3 million or more. That doesn't make them the uber rich jetset. Most of the richest 1% are people like lawyers, doctors, real estate workers, and stock brokers. 

The article that I found many of these stats on says that 76% of US millionaires is Caucasian, as if it indicated some kind of nefarious, systemic racism. If you think that, you are not good at math. You see, 75% of the US population is Caucasian, making a US millionaire as likely to be one race as another, when adjusted per capita. (There goes the systemic racism trope.) 

If you confiscate all of the wealth of the top 1%, you would pay the national debt down to where it was about a year ago. To do so would require cutting the heart out of the US economy. There would be no more doctors, no more investment professionals, no more business owners. Then what? We don't have a problem with unfair distribution in this country. We have a problem with out of control spending. 

We are done

 New evidence comes to light that the family of Senator (and then Vice President) Biden was peddling access to government favor in exchange for lucrative jobs that they were unqualified for. In exchange, the family patriarch received half of whatever they made in salary, plus some deals which included a percentage of the take. In short, the Biden family made tens of millions of dollars.

Worse? The FBI knew about it and has done nothing, not even investigating the events, even while spending years investigating Trump for Russian collusion that never happened. Meanwhile, the Biden family was colluding with the Russian and Chinese governments to make nearly $100 million. 

This, more than anything has convinced me that we are done as a nation. There are power brokers making obscene amounts of money by peddling government favors, and the people of this nation are trying to give them more power because they are convinced that the power brokers care more about them than they care about enriching themselves. 

Friday, October 16, 2020

Lawyer sues to stop Trump rallies because COVID

 A Florida lawyer has been filing lawsuits all week against the Trump campaign, seeking an injunction to stop all rallies in the state. The Democrats will stop at nothing to win this election. 

They hate you enough to kill you

 An old couple had a Blue Line flag in front of their house. Their neighbors demanded that they take it down. When the couple refused, their house was targeted in a drive by shooting. 

Stay out of the Combat Zones, become the gray man. 

This is the post I meant to make

So this is the post that I meant to make when I accidentally linked to Jersey Mike's.  

They still hate you

 Dianne Feinstein was seen being civil to a Republican. For this display of civility, she is now being called a traitor, and the left is demanding that she be removed from the Senate Judiciary Committee. There is a faction of the left that is filled with pure hatred for those who disagree with them. They want you to be an unperson, a pariah. To make you seem less than human then makes it easier for them to do anything to you at all. 

I used to wonder what made the German people go along with the final solution. Now I know. There are those who think that anyone on the right is an enemy, an entity that deserves whatever punishment a right thinking person cares to inflict upon them. 

This is why I own guns- I am much harder to load into a boxcar that way. 

They still hate you

 Dianne Feinstein was seen being civil to a Republican. For this display of civility, she is now being called a traitor, and the left is demanding that she be removed from the Senate Judiciary Committee. There is a faction of the left that is filled with pure hatred for those who disagree with them. They want you to be an unperson, a pariah. To make you seem less than human then makes it easier for them to do anything to you at all. 

I used to wonder what made the German people go along with the final solution. Now I know. There are those who think that anyone on the right is an enemy, an entity that deserves whatever punishment a right thinking person cares to inflict upon them. 

This is why I own guns- I am much harder to load into a boxcar that way. 

They hate you

 The left hates you, hates American society, and they want you dead. No more proof is needed than to read the comments on this article about the end of the show "Last Man Standing."

Thursday, October 15, 2020

No arrests because no laws were broken

 A breathless, panicked freak out over a man who brought a rifle and a handgun with him on his vacation to a Disney World hotel, because no one was arrested. The man had a valid concealed weapons permit, and did not violate any laws. Who cares if Disney has a policy that no one can bring weapons on their property? I don't, and I applaud this man for not caring, either. 

The argument that it is private property, so Disney (the property owner) should be able to set the rules is mixing two different standards. I wouldn't have a problem with this, as long as the property owner is responsible for everything that happens as a result of following their rules, but that isn't how the law works. 

The law says that the property owner isn't responsible for what criminals do. Therefore, they can prohibit weapons without providing any real security, and if you are murdered, raped, or robbed as a result of being made defenseless, that isn't Disney's problem. 

I have an issue with that, and I will continue to carry regardless of what property owners think. 

Electoral college

 While in a discussion about eliminating the Electoral College on social media, one woman had this to say to me:

I don't think Americans need to be protected from other Americans when it comes to voting. Majority is the majority in so many developed nations. I understand the construct and intended function of our representatives and the electoral college and our federal presidential republic and whatnot (and don't need it to be mansplained). I don't disagree because I'm ignorant. I disagree because I disagree. Agreeing to disagree is fine. 

Why is it that any time you get in a discussion with a liberal, they feel the need to waive victimhood in order to gain an upper hand in the discussion? Just because I am a man, any disagreement is 'mansplaining'? 

I strongly disagree with her position that Americans don't need to be protected from other Americans when it comes to voting. Yes, Americans do need to be protected from other Americans when it comes to voting. Look at any current hot button issue and ask yourself how easy it would be to be on the losing side of a vote on that issue, and how happy you are that we have protections in place to prevent the tyranny of that majority: Gay marriage, abortion, gun rights, segregation, etc. Each of those are issues that a majority can and has used its electoral power to force their will upon others, rights be damned.

As far as "Agree to disagree," let me restate my issue with that:

I refuse to "agree to disagree." That is stupid. Suppose I came out and said that men should be able to freely rape women, or we should be able to own slaves. Would she still want to "agree to disagree?" When someone says that to me, it comes across as some smarmy, superior attitude that basically says "I am smarter than you, and I am your better, but since you, with your obviously inferior intellect, cannot see reason and agree with me, I will simply smile at you, and tell you that you have a right to your opinion, you simpleton."

I won't “agree to disagree” in this conversation or in others, because “agree to disagree” is an incredibly lazy tactic. It ranks up there with “everyone is entitled to their own opinion” among the pantheon of dishonest and self-defeating statements made in lieu of actual argument. I cannot heap enough contempt on the idea of “agreeing to disagree.”

The argument could be useful, I suppose, if it meant no more than what it says – mutual recognition of a disagreement. Some arguments are intractable – issues of personal taste or the subjective importance of certain values cannot be resolved empirically. In an argument like that, once both sides have expressed themselves as clearly as possible, if there is still no agreement then there is nothing left to do but acknowledge there is a disagreement, and leave it at that.

That is not, however, the sense in which I most often hear the phrase “agree to disagree” used. What is usually meant is “we’re both equally right, both equally wrong.” It is an arch-liberal dodge, invoking the most ludicrous type of relativistic equivocation. If I am holding a flamethrower and you are holding a lit match, it is true that we can both start fires, but pretending that we can just “agree to disagree” about which is better suited to the task of lighting a candle is nonsense.

Two positions, one demonstrably true and the other based on nothing more than feelings, do not share the same level of validity. If we can agree on some basic definitions like “true” and “evidence”, and if we can agree that it is important to have true beliefs rather than false ones, then we can and should examine different ideas. While it might be nice to pretend that this kind of dispute is simply a difference of opinion, it most certainly is not. I refuse to pretend that a poorly-argued position, based on straw men refutations of legitimate questions, holds sufficient validity to be granted any more respect than belief in aliens or the Loch Ness monster.

When a person claims that they wish to "agree to disagree" is really saying is, “I want you to agree that my position has just as much merit as yours”, and I am certainly not interested in engaging in masquerading a clear true/false dichotomy as a simple difference of perspective. Truth is not established easily, and that’s a good thing. In a universe where an infinite number of explanations for a given phenomenon are conceivable, we must scrutinize and test to see which ideas are worth keeping and which can be discarded safely. “Agreeing to disagree” is simply asking to lump the good ideas in with the fanciful or debunked ones in some misguided sense of fairness.

Some things are simply so repugnant, and so against freedom and decency that I cannot agree to disagree. The point here is that we live in society that claims to value freedom. There are always those who would abuse those freedoms and hurt others. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Go be homeless somewhere else!

 In Portland, the public bathrooms have been closed due to COVID. In a move that makes no sense to me, Portland decided to locate red port-a-potties all around the city so the homeless could have a place to relive themselves that didn't involve crapping in the street. (As an aside- I don't understand why they didn't just reopen the public toilets, but that isn't the point of this post)

Residents are not happy about the toilets being located in their neighborhoods and the city has received dozens of complaints. The money quote:

I believe that every single human being has a right to clean water has a right to a safe place to use the bathroom and has right to basic hygiene… What I don't understand is who this toilet is being put here to service?

This is so typical of leftists- they want to feel like they are kind and compassionate- but they want to be kind and compassionate by giving away other people's stuff. They want to feed the homeless, just in someone else's neighborhood. 

System restored

 I told all of you that my laptop had a shorted charging port. I found the part for $48. As it turns out, Amazon had the exact same part for $8. That part came in today, and looked like this:

It took me 15 minutes to install it and reassemble my computer. I am now back on my normal computer. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Be realistic

 There are many jokes about how a Civil War against the left would be over quickly, the left are a bunch of incompetent wimps, etc. Look at the picture from the Denver pepper spray shooting:

Good grip, good stance, what looks like an M&P with a holographic sight, a weapon mounted light, and a head shot. This guy is equipped better and performed better than most police officers. 

Think about that. 

Sunday, October 11, 2020

The plot thickens

 So now it turns out that the "security guard" that shot the man in Denver was not licensed. This means one of two things:

1 Pinkerton in Denver is hiring unlicensed security guards and is at risk of losing its license, or

2 WUSA is lying, and this man was not a contracted security guard, meaning that the press is now targeting and killing people from the right. 

The report is being confirmed by multiple sources. 

Video of the lead up to the shooting is found here

It turns out that Antifa is claiming that the reporter (Kyle Clark) who the "bodyguard" was protecting is one of theirs:

Backup system

 I accidentally closed my recliner on my laptop. Afterwards, every time I plug it into the charger, the light on the charger goes out. I figured it was shorted, and that sucks because I just paid $1600 for this laptop back in June. As a last ditch, I decided to open it up and risk the warranty (which doesn't cover slamming it in your recliner anyway). It turns out that the charging port is a replaceable part that is separate from the motherboard. The part costs $48, including shipping. 

For now, I am on an older laptop that I keep around as a spare. 

Denver shooting

 Zerohedge has picked up the story. I am left wondering if WUSA knew of their contractor's political leanings prior to the day's events. 

The shooter has been booked on First Degree Murder charges. 

Things continue to get sporty. It will continue to get worse over the next three weeks. 

Denver shooting: details so far

 Yesterday, there was a shooting during a protest in Denver. A member of Patriot Muster was shot and killed. Here, you see the victim (left) and his killer, engaged in a physical altercation:

In response to getting bitch slapped, the killer begins to draw a firearm:

the victim then sprays his soon to be killer with a chemical defense spray:

If you look at the above picture, you see the pistol firing and the spent case about 4 inches above the pistol. Zooming in on the victims face, it looks as though the bullet is piercing the right lens of the victim's sunglasses. 

The police had the shooter in custody immediately after the shooting. Within an hour, they had announced that the shooter was a contracted Pinkerton security guard for a local news station, WUSA9. Police deny that he has Antifa connections. 

4chan quickly identified him as Matthew Robert Dolloff by comparing arrest reports to social media accounts. They also identified the tattoo that he has as being one popular with Antifa.

Here is what I could find out about him with a bit of research:

He has a HAM radio technician license KE0 NKL, which he has had since 2017. 

He lives in Elizabeth, CO, which is about 40 miles from Denver. 

He was a member of Occupy Denver in 2011, and even made the news. 

Others have found him on Twitter.

He has a long list of pro-Antifa posts from his Facebook page. 

I also found this during my search

Just because you are working as a security guard doesn't mean that you don't have Antifa leanings. 

While this appears like a revenge killing more than self defense (How dare you slap me!) This shows that my advice about avoiding Antifa battleground cities is valid. 

Saint Skittles Street sounds better

 Maybe I just like alliteration. Anyhow, Trayvon Martin is getting a Miami street named after him

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Informants arresting informants?

 Is this a case of the FBI setting up another militia group, so they can prove what a big threat the mysterious militias are?

The  article is blaming the 90's militia groups and Tim McVeigh. The oldest one arrested was in high school when McVeigh was around. This is bullshit and smells like a setup. Note that there are no pictures. 

I just can't trust the FBI since they tried to overthrow the President in the last coup. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Commie Pope like all communists

 The Pope, like all communists, wants to redistribute the wealth of others. Nevermind that the Catholic Church is worth over $30 billion. The Pope wants your wealth redistributed. 

No criminal charges for BLM insurgents in Orlando

 Aramis Ayala is the State Attorney for Florida's Orange and Osceola counties, which include the Orlando and Walt Disney World areas. After being elected four years ago, she announced that her office would not seek the death penalty in any cases that came before her office, claiming that the death penalty was a racist legal concept that unfairly punishes black people. That included the case of Markeith Loyd, who gunned down his estranged girlfriend (a black woman) and an Orlando Police Sergeant (also a black woman). She also announced that she would be scrapping the bail system in her district, because it is- you guessed it- racist. 

The Governor removed all death penalty cases from her office and gave them to other State's Attorneys. 

Her $1.4 million campaign was funded by George Soros. Not only her campaign, but her personal net worth appears to have benefitted from an infusion of Soros cash. She is a full on BLM attorney. 

So it comes as no surprise that she has announced a plan to not file criminal charges in any case involving BLM/Antifa rioters insurgents protesters. Instead, those arrested will watch a short video on the law and why they should obey it, and then will be set free. 

At least she is not going to be reelected

Not helping

 People like this guy just don't help gun owners. This sort of thing makes all of us look like loons. 

People who shoot at census workers for trespassing or fathers who leave an AR unsecured under their beds where their children- 12, 10, 7 years and a newborn were sleeping don't do us any favors, either.  In the case of the father- this jerk had bought a Diamondback DB15 from a friend. The friend had removed the safety from the weapon, and the father had been storing the loaded rifle under his bed without a case, without a trigger lock, and within reach of his kids- and this wasn't the first time. That careless stupidity cost the life of a 12 year old child. This father deserves to be in jail, with pictures of the dead body of his child taped to the wall outside of his cell, so that he has to look at it every day. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Bulletproof everyone update

 If you recall, I ordered some covert body armor from Bulletproof Everyone, and was promised a two week delivery date that turned into a month wait with no word on status. This past Friday, I finally got through to a man who claimed to be the owner. He assured me that my order would be shipped by Monday, and to make it up to me, he was going to ship my order to me by UPS 3 day. 

Well, it did ship on Monday. UPS ground. I will let you know what the product looks like when it gets here. Eventually. In case you are keeping track, I placed my order at the same time that I ordered some AR500 armor. The AR500 had an 8 week delivery time, the Bulletproof Everyone promised a 2 week delivery time. There is a good chance that the AR500 will be the first set here, as I just got word from them that my order will be here before the projected October 24 delivery date. 

It has been 33 days since placed my order. If I don't have what I ordered within the next 12 days, there will be a dispute placed on the credit card charge. 

Masks, dining, and California

In California, people who dine out are required to wear masks in between bites. No word on if masks are still required while shitting in the middle of the street, beating up white people, or looting stores. 

RIP Eddie Van Halen

 Here is perhaps the best guitar work that Eddie did. 

Schooled by a rich kid

A person appeared on a friend's social media was criticizing Trump for calling out "shithole" countries. I responded by saying this:

I would argue that "shithole" countries is an accurate description. I have travelled all over the world, and I can assure you that there are many shitholes. Defecating in the street, homes built out of pallets and scrap.

How would you describe this?

Less than 5 minutes later, I got this reply:

It’s poverty largely due to corporate and political greed. Which can be improved with the proper allocation of resources, public health education etc. You need to do some serious soul searching, stop traveling around the world to places you judge with such ignorance. You haven’t learned a thing. 

So I click on this person's profile. She graduated from a high school full of rich kids in 2016, then attended college at the University of South Florida from 2016 to 2018, receiving a degree in Health Science. Here is my response:

You graduated from a school paid for by what you call "corporate greed" and have been more of a recipient of the wealth generated from it than 90% of the planet. You don't know shit about shit.

Don't try and lecture me about poverty and ignorance, little girl. You haven't seen or experienced shit yet. The only poverty you have seen has been on television.

Typical spoiled rich kid who thinks that because they have graduated from college they know everything. 


Monday, October 5, 2020

So sue me

The state of Florida has prohibited landlords from evicting tenants since March. For six months, landlords have had no way to collect rent from tenants who are simply not paying. The courts in Florida have refused to process, and Florida Sheriff's have refused to serve papers for evictions. This leaves landlords with no mechanism to get paid. 

Sure, the state (and now CDC) eviction moratorium says that tenants must still pay, but with evictions prohibited, property owners are left with no practical way to collect rent from recalcitrant tenants. 

So one property owner in Tampa did what they had to do- they simply changed the locks and then sold the apartments to a developer. Now the tenants must sue the landlord. Of course, none of them will be able to afford to do so, and even if some charity organization comes forward to assist them, any court date will likely come long after the buildings have been demolished. 

This is the only way out for the property owners- you cannot expect them to continue to maintain, pay taxes on, and manage this property while simultaneously being denied the ability to collect rent. So now the people in this area are going to have to find other places to live. 

Good question

 If the riots are all being caused by White Supremacists, then why are the Democrats raising money and bailing them out?

No posting this morning.

I typically do my morning post the afternoon or evening before. Since this is the Monday morning post, I am typing this on Sunday night. I woke up this morning and my wife and I went to breakfast. Shortly after returning from breakfast, my wife complained that she was having some indigestion, so I gave her some antacids. 

An hour later, she complained that her indigestion was making it seem as though she was having trouble taking a deep breath. Then she complained about her chest feeling tight. I began to worry a bit. 

Half an hour after that, she said that her shoulder, arm, and back were hurting. That was enough for me. We headed to the emergency room. 

Her EKG, blood work, and other tests were all negative for any sort of heart issues. So now we have to follow up with a doctor for more testing. It is now 11 pm, and we are headed to bed. 

Needless to say, I was too busy to do any research for posting. There will be no posting this morning. 

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Friday, October 2, 2020

Beware of Bulletproof everyone

 Last month, I posted about a company that sells covert body armor. The name of the company is Bulletproof Everyone, and I saw an ad that they had level IIa body armor for as low as $249. So I ordered one that looks like this:

That was on October 3, and at the time I placed the order, there was a 2 week lead time. That two weeks passed, and the status of my order- "Awaiting Fulfillment" hadn't changed since the day the order was placed, so I sent them a message. The reply was that demand was heavier than expected, but the order would go out in a week. 

That week passed, still no merchandise and no change in online status. This time I called. They man on the phone told me that my order would be shipping within 2- 5 days. 

That was more than a week ago. Still no merchandise, still no change in order status. 

They have not answered multiple emails or messages left on their site. When I call, I get a recording that says they are moving their operation to a new site, and if I just leave a message, they will return your call within 24 hours. They don't. When I call from a number that isn't mine, they will answer but the call disconnects when I give them my order number. 

I am not holding out much hope of getting my merchandise. If I have not heard that my order has shipped within the next ten days, I will be disputing the charge with my credit card company. 

Buyer beware. 


Just after I posted this, I got through to a man who claims to be the owner of the company. I had to call on my wife's cell phone, which has an area code from an entirely different state than mine. He assured me that my order would be going out Monday. I will keep you posted.