Monday, January 25, 2021

We will not be silenced

 The ongoing elimination of conservative bloggers concerned me enough that I moved this blog to its own server. Doing so for a small blog like this one is expensive. I want to give other bloggers the ability to move at a low cost. The server that I am using is in a foreign country, and they have assured me that they will not respond to outsiders shutting us down. 

I am willing to help anyone who wants to sublet my unused server capacity to operate their own blog, free from worry about being silenced. In this way, we bloggers can share the costs of operating the server.

So what is the cost?

There is a one time fee to move your blog. Until Feb 10th, 2021 transfers from blogspot are $50.  After Feb 10th transfers from blogspot will increase to $100.

Transfers from wordpress sites with complete exports, $50 until Feb 10th, 2021.  $100 thereafter.

The cost for hosting is $25 per month, payable quarterly. 

I can give you a domain that I already own at no additional cost(I have about a dozen of them) OR you can purchase one from me for an additional cost per year. The cost for that would be determined by the registrar. There is even a possibility that we can use a domain that you already own, but that depends. 

The big rule:

The only rule that I have is: no porn sites. They use a disproportionate about of server space and capacity, and I have no intention of being a porn producer. Other than that, your blog is your blog. 


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