Monday, October 4, 2010

The 25 most dangerous neighborhoods in the US

Wallet Pop just released the list of the 25 most dangerous neighborhoods in the United States for 2010. The local press is making a big deal out of the fact that an Orlando neighborhood made the list, but there were no Los Angeles or Detroit neighborhoods on it. I am not sure why that is, but I do want to look at the demographics of the included neighborhoods:

1 Chicago, Ill. W. Lake St. 97.8% Black 1% White 1% Asian No issue
2 Cleveland, OH  Scovill Ave 98.7 % Black 0.8% White Shall Issue
3 Las Vegas, NV  Balzar Ave 89.5 % Black 6.5% White  Shall Issue
4 Las Vegas, NV  Scovill Ave 66% of the neighborhood does not speak English, 71% calls itself as "other" in the race category Shall Issue
5 Atlanta, GA  Carter St 97.1% Black 0.7% White  Shall Issue
6 Philadelphia, PA  N 13th St 93.7% Black 3.1% White Shall Issue
Atlanta, GA  Marietta St 69.5% Black 19.8% White Shall Issue
8 Las Vegas, NV  D St 66.7% Black 12.2% White  Shall Issue
9 Washington, DC L St SE 97% Black 2.6% White No Issue
10 Chattanooga, TN King St 75.5% Black 18% White  Shall Issue
11 Charlotte, NC  N Tryon St 81.5% Black 3.8% White   Shall Issue
12 Memphis, TN  Florida St 96.9% Black 0% White   Shall Issue
13 Charleston, SC  Echo Ave 75.8% Black 1.4% White  Shall Issue
14  Louisville, KY  E Beckinridge St 83% Black 11.2% White     Shall Issue
15 Fort Worth, TX  E Lancaster Ave 64.6% Black 11.7% White   Shall Issue
16 Winston-Salem, NC E 21st St 93.9% Black 1.3% White Shall Issue
17 Atlanta, GA Richardson St 75.4% Black 5.8% White  Shall Issue
18 Chicago, IL 4000 S Federal St 100% Black   No Issue
19 Memphis, TN N Danny Thomas Blvd 86.6% Black 11.5% White   Shall Issue
20 Cleveland, OH Chestnut Pl 98.9% Black 0% White    Shall Issue
21 Galveston, TX Church St 50.6% White 40% Black   Shall Issue
22 Atlanta, GA Humphries St 99.5% Black 0.5% White    Shall Issue
23 Kansas City, MO Independence Ave 61% Black 16.6% White    Shall Issue
24 Cincinatti, OH Moore St 89.9% Black 10.1% White Shall Issue 
25. Orlando, FL Neighborhood: Parramore 70.6% Black 16.7% White Shall Issue

Looking at the list, it immediately strikes you that there is a trend there. You would be called a racist by many if you took note of the fact that, with two exceptions, the top 25 most dangerous neighborhoods in America are at least 65% Black. Yet the same thing is done everyday by anti-gun forces who want guns made illegal, and this is seen as logical, even though the list above shows that there is less of a correlation with gun laws and crime than there is race and crime.

Take another look at the list above: every neighborhood above has a below average income and education. Ponder the cause and the remedy. It isn't race, and  it isn't gun control. It is a cultural problem.

Comments calling me a racist are missing the point, and will not be posted.

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