Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Work is for suckers

Hosts on a KLBJ radio station in Austin, Tx, had been talking about how accustomed people have become when it comes to welfare.  Expressing the fact that some people would rather sit around and wait for their free check in the mail than go to work, got at least one listener upset. The listener called in to say that she would always be on welfare, and that everyone else is an idiot for doing otherwise.

One of the hosts then asks the woman if she viewed the working class as idiots because we go to work instead of staying home and reaping the benefits that have been paid by those working.  She sadly replied that she did think working was foolish declaring that even though she doesn’t work, she’s still going to get paid. According to her, her parents were on Welfare, her kids are on Welfare, and she will be on Welfare for the rest of her life.

and she votes. This nation is doomed.

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