Thursday, December 26, 2013

A public apology

I owe some people an apology, and an explanation. Generally, I owe an apology to Christians in general, and to two in particular: CCBPC, and SailorCurt. Earlier this week, I made a couple of posts that were very disrespectful of others, and that is not normally my style. Please accept my apologies, and an explanation.

For the past year, I have been seeing someone. We were closely involved, and I was truly in love with this woman. The only real bone of contention between us was that I was not allowed to meet her family. You see, I was a bit older than she was, and according to her, this would not meet the approval of her deeply religious father. This girl was also a very religious woman, or at least claimed to be.

Things were going well for us, and we were busy making plans for the future. I thought that I had found someone that I was willing to spend my life with. Then, this Christian woman, this religious woman, called me out of the blue, and dumped me, just days before Christmas. Over the phone. No explanation given. She blocked my calls, my emails, and blocked me on Facebook. I was devastated. That was when the truth began to come out. She had been sleeping around. Not just with one man, but with three.

I blamed everyone except the one who did it. I blamed Christians, her Father, everyone. After a time, I called her Father so that I could give him all of her possessions that she had left here. This is what I found out:
- Her father is religious, but he is a decent, nice man
- She lied to me, he did not even know that I existed. He had no beef with me.
- She lied to me when she told me that her older brother had died in Afghanistan in 2010, and her older sister had committed suicide three months later. She is the oldest of two children.
- She lied to her parents about many things to hide the relationships she was having. Her Christian father would not have approved of her screwing her boss and several other men, all at the same time.

For me, the conversation was therapeutic. For her Father, it was devastating. His vision of a good, honest, Christian daughter was shattered. He told me that he has no idea how he will break the news to his wife.

So to all of you, I am sorry that my anger was misdirected at all of you, instead of at the person who has turned my life upside down. I hope that you can understand, and most of all, forgive my indiscretion. Now I have to try and put my life back together. Posting will be sparse for awhile.


Wraith said...

Having been with another "Christian" woman who did me in a similar way, I understand your anger completely. Apology accepted, my brother...and just remember that Christ understands, and forgives.

(Those who wreak havoc in His name, however, had better get with the repentance and atonement PDQ. Otherwise, they might want to be buried in asbestos underwear.)

CelticGirl said...

I did think it was weird for you to Christian- bash.
And Catholic-bash.
It's not like you.
You may not always agree with the church, but you're not usually hostile.
Apology accepted.
I will always be here for you.

Anonymous said...

Having lived through a fairly similar situation a few years ago, I can totally understand your pain and anger and you have my condolences. We may not know each other personally but we have read and commented on each others blogs for some time and while we may not always agree on every issue, I do respect your opinion. Thank you for the apology, it does mean a lot. Again, I'm sorry to hear of your current situation, but we all know that time heals all wounds. I look forward to future disagreements with you.

Mark J said...

Anger like this is understandable, especially from someone you thought was going to be part of your life. I hope that things pull back together for you soon and that the new year will help you make a fresh start.

SiGraybeard said...

Sorry to hear about your problems with this girl. I know it's tough to hear "you're better off without her", but frankly it sounds like the truth.

I don't want to bash her, but it sure sounds like she has some problems.

TOTWTYTR said...

1) You are definitely better off without this nut case.

2) Not to be intrusive, but I certainly hope you used precautions when you had sex.

3) I hope you find someone who isn't a nut case.