Saturday, October 5, 2013

Video of a shooting

This video of a police shooting shows us just how quickly things can go badly, and why magazine restrictions can hurt us.
Trooper Zistel stopped a man for speeding. Resisting multiple commands to get back in the car, the motorist draws a handgun and begins firing. During the gunfight, the assailant accidentally hit his magazine release, which may have saved the trooper's life.
The driver, with a bullet in his chest, jumped back in his car and made it about a half mile down the road before dying of his injuries.
Incredibly, he had his three children in the car with him.

From Fox 12 in Oregon.
Oregon State Police released a dashcam video showing a gun battle that unfolded Aug. 29 off an Interstate about 100 miles east of Portland and ended in the death of the suspect.
The video shows Trooper Matt Zistel, 26, pull over a Cadillac for speeding on I-84.  John Van Allen, 34, was the driver of the car, but when he is pulled over he immediately exits the car and stands next to it as the trooper commands him to step back inside his car.
Allen does not budge but asks why he was pulled over.  Remaining in a military stance, Allen refuses to obey the officer’s orders to get back inside his car.  He then drew a sidearm and began firing at the officer.
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