Friday, May 22, 2020


An ad for this product came up on my FB feed.

If this isn't an ATF sting operation, I will be surprised. Almost as obvious as the guy about 10 years ago who approached me in the parking lot of the Orlando gun show and offered to sell me an M-2 carbine, complete with happy switch, for only $800.


Ferdinand said...

I've wondered about these. Is the difference between Form 1 supplies and these that they're ready to go without any modification or machining on the buyers part?

Miguel GFZ said...

You are so paranoid, I am sure this is all perfectly innocent and legal.
/sarcasm off>

Divemedic said...

@Miguel: Like I want to find out and see every dog in the neighborhood killed after my house is photographed by supersonic recon aircraft for a week before the HRT shoots and kills my wife.

AuricTech Shipyards said...

What is that supposed to be? I'm completely baffled.

Divemedic said...

5/8 -24 and 1/2 -28 are not thread sizes seen in automobiles. They are, however, the common thread sizes that you see on the threaded barrels of firearms. These are unregistered suppressors being marketed as fuel filters. They are illegal as hell and will get you 5 years in club Fed.

Therefore said...

The ATF considers an adapter for 1/2-28 to standard oil filter sizes to be a silencer. They have taken standard muzzle devices, tested them and decided they changed the sound of the shot and ruled them to be silencers.

They took a badly fitting stock that had to much back and forth movement and ruled it was machine gun.

Almost everything about firearm law goes back to the ATF making a "determination" and in many to many cases they have changed their minds later.

That thing in the ad is highly likely to be considered a suppresser by the ATF. Having possession of one without the right tax stamp is jail time worthy. Same as having a semi-auto firearm which shoots from an open bolt. Doesn't matter what it is labeled or if you actually use it in a forbidden way, having it is illegal.