Thursday, May 7, 2020

Antivaxxer horseshit

There is a video running around social media where a woman claiming to be a virology researcher is claiming that the entire vaccine system is fabricated by big pharmaceutical companies to purposely make people sick. She claims that she discovered that the COVID pandemic has been manufactured by Dr Fauci and the US government. She has made a documentary referring to it as the "Plandemic."

The woman who made this video has been well known among anti-vaxxers and has now turned her attention to COVID. Many of my right leaning friends have latched on to this BS and are claiming that the entire COVID pandemic has been manufactured,

The woman who is at the center of this was discredited, jailed, and bankrupt, having to work as a Las Vegas bartender. She claims that she was jailed for discovering that AIDS was a manufactured crisis. Let me post some links to a few facts:

Heavy did a piece on her. I include this because there are links in the article to court cases, bot because Heavy is a primary source.

The supposed miracle breakthrough that she discovered? The one she claims got her thrown in jail? Well, that study was retracted after being discredited in a most embarrassing way. The NY TImes covers that here.  It turns out that she was jailed for stealing (and co-opting others to steal) materials from the University of Nevada.

You can find the history of her retractions here.

She trumpets being published in the magazine Science, but that same magazine later retracted her article after nine different laboratories were unable to replicate her results. They reported on her again here. 

The Chicago Tribune did a story on her discrediting here.

So after posting all of that information, this is a typical response that I get:

I get that you can post things from ' ' and the garbage Tribune. And I respect that you have different views than I do, but allow me to respectfully disagree on this one. I BELIEVE her. She has the most calm, rational testimony I have seen in a long time. There is a REASON they are constantly removing her video. There is a REASON they issued a Gag order. I already thought Fauci was a quack. He has made Millions, and killed Millions. Nothing will change my mind on this. I just hope she isn't eliminated like the Chinese doctor was a couple days ago. Hope you have a great day my friend. 

The people on the right, especially the quack antivax people are arguing against evidence and against reason to the point where they say that NOTHING can change their mind. I just can't deal with all of the conspiracy theory people who see Illuminati in every world event.

My son was livestreaming reports from NYC in an attempt to help his medical friends learn from his experiences in treating COVID. He was hoping that he could save lives by letting people see what worked or didn't work. He had to stop because too many people were accusing him of being a part of the "Plandemic" and saying that he was a crisis actor.

I normally do not delete any comments, even those that disagree with my position. However, since the conspiracy anti vaxxers are publicly stating that they have abandoned reason, anyone who posts on this page a comment that makes an accusation of any conspiracy with regards to COVID or references any sort of a "Plandemic" without a link to a primary source or valid scientific study will have their comments deleted without warning. If you want to post that shit without a valid source to back you up, do it on someone else's blog.

Any studies that involve Judy Mikovits or Andrew Wakefield will not be accepted. Both of those researchers have been repeatedly discredited.

EDITED To add: User  "Wayne" has insisted on continuing to post antivax horseshit, even after the above notes AND having his first post deleted. He instead decided to continue his diatribe abd then accuse me of trying to have a "monopoly." My blog, my rules.

Because I have had to delete multiple posts from this guy, comments for this post are locked.


SiGraybeard said...

When someone says, "Nothing will change my mind on this" that pretty much tells you they're not interested in learning about reality, they only want to see things that confirm what they believe. "Don't try to confuse me with facts, I don't want to know facts."

While I think it's a shame we can't reach these people I'm at a loss to figure out how to do it.

Wayne said...
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Divemedic said...

Wayne- you were warned that I would delete all antivaxxer horseshit that wasn't posted with scientific backup.

Wayne said...
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