Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Hurricane checklist

We began the 72 hour checklist at 5 pm this afternoon. 

Vehicles and gas cans filled with fuel. 
Propane tanks all filled. 
Test run the genny.
All outdoor furniture inside. 
Garage reorganized so we can get both vehicles inside.
5 gal Water cans retrieved and filled.
Charge batteries.

Then there are the Divemedic family hurricane traditions:
Stock up on Poptarts for snacking
Prepare to buy Publix Subs (We like to have food for the storm that doesn't need preparation and is easy and quick to eat.)

Now we wait for the weather forecast to see what is in store for us. Either way, our plans for the three day weekend are ruined. 

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Beans said...

Jim Cantore scale of Hurricanes:

Jim Cantore is spotted in your state - stock up on supplies.
Jim Cantore is spotted in your county - batten down the hatches.
Jim Cantore is spotted in your town/city - Oh, no...
Jim Cantore is spotted standing on your roof - Bend over, here it comes!