Friday, June 17, 2016


There are many people nationwide who are calling the AR-15 a weapon of war, and demanding another assault weapons ban. So, I am putting together a little test, using pictures. Below, you will see pictures of seven rifles, and there will be questions to follow. Look at the pictures below:

Rifle A:
 Rifle B:
 Rifle C:
 Rifle D:
 Rifle E:
 Rifle F (top) and
Rifle G (bottom)

Question 1:
Of the seven weapons above, three of them are semi-automatic, and four of them are fully automatic. Which are which?

Question 2:
Of the seven weapons above, which of them would have been illegal to own under the 1994 assault weapons ban, and why?

Question 3:
All but two of the above weapons have been issued to the soldiers of either the United States or a European nation. Which of them hasn't?

Question 4:
What characteristics make a weapon lethal enough to ban, or what criteria would you use to specify what constitutes a weapon that should be illegal?

If you cannot answer at least three of the above questions correctly, then how can you claim enough knowledge to demand laws be changed? How can you hope to ban something that you cannot even accurately describe?


Anonymous said...

All but one of the weapons pictured were or are produced for issue with a selective fire variant. ALL but two of the pictured weapons were made for military use. I can in fact name the ONLY weapon in history actually named an "assault rifle" The German MP 43/44. No other weapon in history has ever carried that name on official documentation. Including all the ones in your picture.---Ray

Divemedic said...

Selective fire means, under Federal law, machine gun. Having a variant that is a machine gun is not the same thing as being a machine gun. You are also incorrect, in that ALL of the weapons above have a select fire variant.
Pretty much every weapon (or its variants) were designed for military use, and that includes knives. My statement stands: Only two of the above weapons were never issued to a military for use by soldiers. Calling an AR-15 an M-16 is misleading at best.

Anonymous said...

The M1 Garand was NEVER produced for issue in a selective fire variant. The "selective fire M-1" was ether the BM-59 or the M14. Nether one is an M-1. The AR-15 IS NOT an M-16. 99% of all the firearms ever designed were made for civilian-not military- use. You really don't know very much about firearms , do you?

Divemedic said...

You are incorrect. See my latest post.