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We the people of the United States demand that George Allan Burdock be charged with animal cruelty for is gross sordid & deplorable actions. On Thursday August 13th around 8:30pm according to the witness George Burdock of Winter Park,Florida shot his neighbors harmless beautiful dog named "Lilly" with a loaded 38 pistol. Allegedly on the evening of the 13th Mr. Burdock was walking the neighborhood with a gun allegedly scaring the neighbors. Allegedly Allan Burdock claims he thought his safety was in jeopardy by Lilly whome was a neighborhood favorite pet for the past 14 years according to the witness. The witness alleges lilly is a great dog and harmless. This was a hanice act of aanimal cruelty. The Winter Park police department have not charged George Allen Brdock and we demand justice!

I did not correct the absolutely atrocious spelling, but I did add emphasis on a couple of phrases.

Here is the News article from WESH TV in Orlando, which as anyone who saw their coverage of the Zimmerman trial, is not exactly friendly to gun owners:The man who shot the dog has been identified as George Burdock, 70. Burdock was not arrested, police said, because he was defending himself and was licensed to carry a concealed weapon.
According to a police report, Burdock said he shouted a warning to the owner, Ann Elizabeth Christensen, to get the dog, Lilly, under control or he would shoot it. The responding officer said, based on witness reports, Burdock, due to his age, physical condition and prior experience with the dog, acted in self defense and was in fear for his safety and that of his wife and small dog. Christensen said she was about to put Lilly on her leash around 8:30 p.m. when she broke away and started walking towards another dog.
There are multiple witnesses to the events, and conflicting statements from them as to whether or not the dog was being aggressive. There are a number of problems that I have with the petition:
1 The petition is on This is a purely local matter. The President has no say in the matter.
2 This petition isn't even close to what reportedly happened. They make it sound like the man was running through the neighborhood while brandishing a firearm. and just how would he have shot a dog with an unloaded 38 pistol?)

3 There is a Winter Park ordinance, Section 5-33, parts 1 and 3, which reads:
(1) No domestic animal owner or person having charge, care, custody or control of any domestic animal shall permit, any domestic animal to run at large, upon any public property, or off the premises of the owner.
(3) No domestic animal at-large shall be permitted to cause injury, or threat of injury, to any person, or cause property damage.
According to local news reports, this isn't the first time this woman meant to put the dog on a leash and failed to do so. The man who shot the dog has complained to animal control about the dog being aggressive towards him and his dogs in the past.

If you read this article, the woman admits that the dog was being taken for an off leash walk, and the owner was "just about to put her on a leash" when she began running towards the man and his dogs:

Ann Christensen took her fluffy white dog outside for a walk on Kenwood Avenue.She saw a neighbor, who had just returned from shopping at IKEA, and they started chatting.Lilly noticed a couple of small dogs across the street and took off toward them just as Christensen says she was trying to put her on a leash.The man walking the smaller dogs, George Burdock, took out a pistol and shot Lilly in the eye.

There are so many people here going nuts over this, I cannot understand it. Irresponsible dog owner is violating the law by not securing her animal.

EDITED TO ADD: This is the first time I have done this on this blog, but I am locking comments on this post.


Anonymous said...

what a BS article

Anonymous said...

MORE bullshit from gun nuts!!! You claim there is REPORTS that Lilly has done this before, show it to me. Where's the proof. The only person who made that claim was the asshole that shot Lilly. You believe him why??? Stupid people need to stop posting crap when they are clearly clueless. OK, go check my spelling now asshole.

Anonymous said...

Your ego is writing checks you can't cash. And we call drug dealers "street pharmacists". So do LEO's.

Anonymous said...

It now appears that there was no previous complaint against dog by George Burdock and if he lied about that, then it stands to reason he is lying about his entire version of events. If you check the ordinance you quoted here, you will see a section that covers what happens if a complaint is made against a dog. None of those things happened in this case.

Florida has an abysmal reputation as being the state where you can shoot dead someone who looks at you the wrong and not face the consequences of your action. That's why so many of us are choosing to spend our vacations in California instead now. Nothing more dangerous than grumpy old men with a license to shoot anything they want.

Divemedic said...

Actually, all it means is that animal control did not conduct an investigation, not that the statements were a lie. Read my other post, where I provide copies of the police report.

You also mischaracterize Florida's self defense statutes, proving my point that this is more about people who don't like guns than it is about this shooting or this dog.

I don't care if you anti-gun fruitcakes come here or not, and would prefer that you went to California.