Saturday, August 30, 2014

Intenet outage?

I don't know if this is an Internet outage, or if it is a problem at my end, but seems as though a good portion of the net is down. I cannot reach many sites. To test it, I went to various major websites to see if they would work, with the assumption that the big guys would be up and running:

Google: Functioning normally
Facebook: Functioning normally
Amazon: Loads, but does so slowly, and with a funny text only version of the page
Blogger: Was down, now normal is loading abnormally, as a text only version of the page
Fox news is down is down is down

The problem is selective, and appears to be my home connection, because my Smartphone is accessing all sites normally.



Anonymous said...

Did you try using a different browser? Sometimes Chrome has issues with some sites, usually resolves itself fairly quickly.


Mark J said...

Try deleting all your temporary internet files from your browser settings.
Although if it still does not load properly with a different browser, I'd check with your provider or try resetting the wireless router or modem (depending on how you would connect). HTH