Monday, December 17, 2012

YOUR rights aren't important

Although not a hard core anti-gunner, I have a friend who is a hard core Democrat. This is what she had to tell me on Facebook about new gun laws in the wake of the Connecticut shooting:

you know they have to do something, public outcry and all. and restricting guns is the easiest thing to address. i'm sure you'll get to keep most if not all of your arsenal. and soon there will be another shooting/bombing/mass casualty event and they'll realize (hopefully) they were going at it the wrong way. i'm not sure what the answer is. things like this are just always going to happen. you can't control all the factors in events like that.
This is the mental disconnect: They are aware that gun laws will not work, but will vote to remove your rights any way. Since gun ownership isn't important to them, they will gladly throw your rights under the bus.

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TOTWTYTR said...

It's typical "magical - wishful" thinking that many people feel compelled to engage in.

We can't devise an appropriate response, but we have to have some response, we have to DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!

Even if something is uselese, at least it means we care.