Friday, March 19, 2010

Can history repeat?

There has been a lot of talk about the unconstitutional method by which Congress is planning to pass the unconstitutional health care plan, and there has been a good bit of discussion about lawsuits, and sending this to the Supreme Court. President Obama and the leadership of Congress seem unperturbed by this and are determined to pass the legislation this weekend any way.

This got me to wondering: With Presidential and Congressional approval numbers in the basement, and threats of legal action on the horizon, why are the executive and legislative branches pushing for this thing that so many are opposed to? Aren't they afraid of losing seats in the upcoming election? This is very unusual for election year politics, where Congress usually stays away from unpopular legislation in an election year.

Are they going to pass amnesty for illegals to get more voters? Probably not in time for the election.

Are they going to pack the Supreme Court, like FDR threatened to do in 1937? Adding 2 or 4 justices would certainly make the Democrat's jobs easier.

We have not seen the last of this fight. I am wondering what the Dems have up their sleeve.

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