Saturday, January 26, 2013

Crime doesn't happen at college

This is a bulletin from Valencia College in Orlando:

At approximately 9:20pm on Wednesday, January 23, 2013, two female students were approached from behind by a black male wearing jeans and hooded sweatshirt as they walked together to their car.  The suspect called out to them from behind saying “excuse me” a couple of times.  The students continued walking and didn’t acknowledge him. The suspect grabbed one of the students by her wrist,  and she immediately fell faint on the ground.  The second student went to her aid and was hit in the mouth.  We believe the second student was hit in the mouth inadvertently as the first student fell. The suspect walked away with no words or further contact.  There is no clear motive in this incident.
If you witnessed or have any information regarding this case, please contact Campus Security at (407) 582-1000.  Information can also be given anonymously using the “Silent Witness” form on the security web page at
Remember these safety tips:
·         Call Campus Security at (407) 582-1000 if you’d like an escort to your car.
·         Travel in the company of others and use the “buddy” system whenever you can.
·         Use your cell phone and campus safety call boxes to call for assistance.
·         If you see any suspicious behavior, report it to Campus Security using the methods outlined above.

In Florida, weapons are prohibited on college campuses. Instead, you must hope that the attacker decides not to hurt you. These women used the "buddy system" and it stopped nothing. Call boxes and cell phones only serve to let you call for help AFTER the attack is over. Welcome to defenseless victim zones, ladies.

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