Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Shit storm

Isn't it odd that Florida's number of COVID cases was low until right after it was announced that the 2020 Republican National Convention would be in Jacksonville. Nope. Coincidence.

This entire shitstorm of COVID, the riots, and everything else is being orchestrated and used to influence the election. This is the big play. Expect voter fraud, dead people voting, and more irregularities than you have ever seen before, on top of a backdrop of escalating violence.

Monday, July 13, 2020

Legitimate Questions

Teachers all over are being told that we have to teach the kids face to face when school restarts in two weeks. OK. I'm cool with that. However, I do have some questions:

1 What happens if I test positive? Am I required to stay home for two weeks? If so, is it without pay? Or is it considered an on the job injury, and would I be eligible for workers' comp?

2 Same with medical expenses. Who pays? Me? My health insurance, or workers' comp?

3 Since masks are not required of students, what happens if a kid comes in sick? Can I refuse to allow him in my classroom until he tests negative?

4 Considering the answers to 1,2, and 3: Then does that mean I can continue to come in as well, rather than have to burn my own sick leave?

5 If I test positive, a contact tracer will ask me a bunch of invasive questions about where I go, who I talk to, and other personal details. Am I required to answer? What happens if I don't?

I am sure there are many more, and these are questions that no one yet seems to have answers for.

Quiet Sun

The number of sunspots is a great indicator of solar output. That is, the more sunspots there are, the higher the sun's energy output. This has effects on cosmic rays reaching Earth, the Earth's climate, and even how well radio communications work. Let's take a look (courtesy of Spaceweather.com) at the number of sunspot free days over the last few years:

2020 total: 145 days (74%)
2019 total: 281 days (77%)
2018 total: 221 days (61%)
2017 total: 104 days (28%)
2016 total: 32 days (9%)
2015 total: 0 days (0%)
2014 total: 1 day (<1 p="">2013 total: 0 days (0%)
2012 total: 0 days (0%)
2011 total: 2 days (<1 p="">2010 total: 51 days (14%)
2009 total: 260 days (71%)
2008 total: 268 days (73%)
2007 total: 152 days (42%)
2006 total: 70 days (19%)

You can see that solar activity is cyclical, and you can see that we have been sunspot free for the majority of the time for the past three years. The last solar minimum (2008-2009) only lasted for two, with a seven year gap to the current one.

Solar cycles are normally 11 years long, but can last as long as 14 years. The current cycle began on January 4, 2008. The maximum sunspot number for this cycle was the lowest since cycles 12-15 (1878-1923, also known as the Dalton Minimum). So far this year, the Sun has been blank 76% of the time, a rate surpassed only once before in the Space Age. Last year, 2019, the Sun was blank 77% of the time. Two consecutive years of record-setting spotlessness adds up to a very deep solar minimum.

Long periods of low solar output are followed by colder weather on Earth


For years, I have used the following to illustrate the insanity of the transgender position:

Let's say that I believe myself to be a gorilla. No matter how strongly I believe it, I am still not a gorilla.
Let's say that I take pills to make myself grow more hair to look more like a gorilla. I am still not a gorilla.
If I hire a surgeon to perform an operation to make myself look more like a gorilla, I am still not a gorilla.
If I get a million people to say that I can be whatever I identify myself as, and declare than I am a gorilla, I am still not a gorilla.
If I were to believe myself to be a gorilla and took the steps above, people would say I am crazy.
This is going to sound like a parody, but sadly, it isn't. The social media platform Twitch now has a man who identifies as both a woman and a deer, and this nutcase is now a moderator: in charge of censoring the users of the platform for not having a diverse enough opinion.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Gun range and LGS report

Two days ago, I posted about shortages. To be honest, thanks to ammo shortages, I had not set foot in my LGS for about three weeks. I got called by some new shooters who wanted to take me up on my offer of a free shooting session, so we went. In return, they took us to dinner.

We started off with some .22 through a S&W M&P22. Then we moved to a suppressed 9mm, then unsuppressed. In all, I used up 100 rounds of 9mm, 50 rounds of .380, and 100 rounds of .22. I need to get some decent priced 9mm soon, or range trips in the near future will be made with .22.

Before we went shooting, they had to fill out the waivers, so I used that time to look over the gun shop.

The place was packed. Far busier than normal. There are 40 lanes, and most of them were full. Members went right in, there was a wait for non-members. We saw a large number of customers in the store who were looking for their first gun.  A Florida CCW class had just let out, and there were a few students still hanging out, looking at various handguns. In all, if you include the range, there were about 200 customers in the store. The place was packed.

The training schedule for July and August was up. There were 18 courses on the schedule for the rest of the month of July, and every one of them was booked. The schedule looks like this:
4 classes of "Intro to Handguns" and 2 classes of "Ladies Only Intro to Handguns" all full
6 classes of "First Shots" all full
5 classes of Florida CCW all full
1 "Youth Intro to Firearms" also full

It seems that the new shooters aren't just buying- they are buying and getting educated. Awesome. I welcome all new shooters into the culture. I mean ALL. The more popular shooting is, the harder it is to ban guns.

Guns are back in stock. The gun cabinets were well stocked, and to the credit of the LGS, the prices were pretty close to normal. Ammo is a bit hit or miss. Limits on most ammo were still one box per person, with a few exceptions:
5.56mm is back in stock in a big way. They were selling it by the box or by the case. Same with shotgun, except slugs, which are still limited.

The hunting calibers seemed to be well stocked, as was revolver ammo. There was plenty of .38, .44, and .357 magnum. For handguns, it was hit or miss. Oddly enough, there was plenty of .45ACP. There was some .40 S&W, but there were only 5 or 6 boxes of expensive 9mm. 

The ammo situation is improving, but I don't see us getting back to normal levels for months.


I recently got into a discussion about mask usage with someone I know. She insists that I am a science denier because I have pointed out that there is no evidence that cloth masks do anything to prevent COVID transmission.

This person is a screaming lefty who believes in gun ownership. But only for hunting. If it isn't useful for hunting, it should be illegal, as far as she is concerned.

Today, my wife showed me this person's FB post from this morning. Let's just say that I am not taking advice about science from anyone who believes in this nonsense.

Blue Wall of Silence

In comments to my post on the protesters having a point about good cops who stay silent are not good cops, it was pointed out that the numbers aren't valid. Perhaps not, but the point is that the "blue wall of silence" makes the good cops into bad ones. Let me offer an example to you:

A female highway Patrol Trooper pulled over a Miami PD officer who was speeding to his off duty job in his cruiser. He was travelling more than 120 miles per hour while weaving through traffic.This incident caused the Sun-Sentinel to do an entire series of articles, where it was revealed that dozens of South Florida cops were routinely speeding off duty, reaching speeds of over 100 miles an hour. Other cops simply looked the other way. I guess they are all "good cops."

She arrested him and was harassed for months because of it. 88 law enforcement officers from 25 jurisdictions illegally accessed her personal information more than 200 times, violating her privacy, and then used that information to leave notes on her car, and once they even left human feces on the hood of her car. She was harassed in a nationwide attempt by "good cops" to make an example of her, so other cops would know what happens when you cross the "blue wall of silence." (Seriously, read the comments from the cops at that last link. That is the attitude of supposed "good cops.")

She  wound up leaving law enforcement and had to move more than 600 miles away, and still they are stalking her. There were still police officers doing it in 2017, six years later.

As a paramedic, I got to see first hand what "professional courtesy" means. You didn't think that cops put those "blue line" stickers on their cars just for the hell of it, did you? These protests have gotten out of hand, but that is what happens when you don't police your own. Cops need to fix this, or it will get worse.

Cops hard to come by in St Petersburg

St Petersburg police have just announced that they will no longer respond to "non violent" calls, but will instead send social workers. Calls that police will no longer respond to:

  • Disorderly intoxication
  • Drug overdose
  • Intoxicated person
  • Mental health crisis
  • Suicide crisis
  • Mental Health Transport
  • Disorderly juvenile/truancy
  • Disorderly Juvenile at Elementary Schools
  • Panhandling
  • Homeless complaints
  • Neighborhood dispute
As a paramedic, I have seen every one of those go south. I would hazard to guess that these go bad far more often than cops do. 

By definition, a suicide crisis is a violent call. They are threatening, or at least contemplating, violence against themselves. Since a suicidal person is willing to harm themselves, they frequently have no qualms about taking others with them. Sure, there are suicidal people who are looking for attention, and ones who are only going to take pills. Before you get there, how do you know which one you are getting?

Anything involving intoxication will be handled by social workers? Have you ever tried to reason with a drunk? With a person who is on meth? They can't be reasoned with.

Overdose? As a medic, I am not going to an overdose call without police to secure the scene.

This is a shit sandwich that is going to get people killed at much higher rates than the handful of police misconduct that happens in a year.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

They aren't completely wrong

The crowds demanding that the police be defunded are not COMPLETELY wrong. That is what makes these protests so effective and why they resonate with so many people. This sign actually makes a good point:

Most cops are good and do their best. With that being said, if a cop knows that other cops are doing stuff like threatening to frame people for crimes that they didn't commit, taking cover behind women and children during a gunfight, or other illegal or immoral acts, yet doesn't speak up (or worse actively covers for them) then they are not good cops either. A cop is found DUI, and police deliberately screw up the arrest so that the drunk cop gets away with it. The cops who did that are bad cops. 

Then there is Officer Harless and the city that supported him when he threatened to kill two people who were legally carrying concealed weapons.

Or how about the cops who provide their own probable cause to conduct a search by calling the police tip line from their own cell phone?

Police: You need to clean up your ranks. Speak up. Stop defending the bad cops. Clean your own house. The nation depends on it.


Today is the anniversary of the first post of this blog, July 11, 2007. In the 4,749 days since then, I have posted 2,561 times. So much has happened since that first post. The entire Obama administration came and went. This blog has seen me through three Presidents, 3 careers, four address changes,  two wives, a bankruptcy, the birth of two grandchildren, and more changes than I care to think about.

Personally, my life has seen a lot of changes. Married and then divorced, and then married again. Employed, retired, then employed again. I declared bankruptcy and then became a millionaire.
In 2008 I got married.
In 2009 the bottom dropped out of the housing market, my pay was cut by 30% and, faced with a depreciating asset, I declared bankruptcy with the intent of giving the house back to the bank.
In 2010 My bankruptcy was discharged. The mortgage bank was caught lying to the court with regard to my bankruptcy. They were forced to pay me nearly $10,000. Then they were caught forging mortgage paperwork in my case and several dozen others. Their lawyer was disbarred and they had to pay me more than $25,000 in damages.
In 2011 My wife announced to me (during the week of my birthday, no less) that she wanted a divorce. That divorce became final in June. I retired from my career as a firemedic and began school to be a physician assistant.
In 2012 I decided to leave school, moved back to Florida, and began teaching adult education while remaining mostly retired.
In 2014, I met my current wife. I also applied for my teacher's license and became a high school science teacher.
In 2018, I finally got paid for a job I did for the Feds six years before and I was able to pay off my house, all of my bills, and put a sizable amount in savings.

When this blog began, if you had told me that 13 years later I would no longer be a firefighter and would instead be teaching high school science, I would have called you crazy. Thirteen years is ancient for a blog, and while mine is not as widely read as some, I write mostly to keep me happy and give me a place to get out the things that I would like to say. The fact that some people care to read them is a humbling bonus.

Thank you to each and every one of you who read my ramblings.

Friday, July 10, 2020

COVID hospitalizations

According to the State of Florida, there are 6,942 hospitalized for COVID in Florida. Of those, 3,128 of them are in Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach. So 45% of the total COVID hospitalizations are in the Metro Miami area. Those three counties contain a population of 6.3 million people, meaning that 30% of Florida's population lives there.

So 30% of Florida's population is responsible for 45% of the state's COVID hospitalizations. I think it is more accurate to say that Miami has a COVID problem than it is to say Florida has a COVID problem. 


Commander Zero reports that he is having trouble finding guns and ammo. I am with him.

Last September, I bought some AR lowers and built them into some cheap ARs. In fact, I built four ARs with red dot sights on them for what it would cost to buy one now. Sure, they aren't high quality pipe hitters, but they are for people who may be helping me but don't have weapons of their own.

The only pistols at my LGS are high end revolvers and black powder stuff.

Nine millimeter is in almost nonexistent supply. In January I was buying Winchester 9mm for 15 cents a round. Now one of my normal suppliers, Georgia Arms, has no pistol ammunition at any price. Same with Brownell's. Not much better over at Palmetto State Armory, which only has Sig Elite at $2 a round, and Sellier and Bellot at 50 cents a round. Same story at SGammo. Pickings at LuckyGunner are slim as well, with prices there running between 50 cents to over a dollar a round. My LGS has ammo, but it is even more expensive and purchasers are limited to one box of ammo each. You can buy a second box if you are buying a gun at the same time.

All of this is caused because Americans are arming themselves like never before. There are the current troubles.

For that reason, I have decided to limit ammo expenditures. 50 rounds per month each of 380 and 9mm, and 20 rounds per AR to get them zeroed in. 22 is currently unlimited because I have so much of it. The rest of my ammo, I will hold on to. If the situation doesn't improve by November, then I will switch to 22 ammo and dry fire only. I have a MantisX for that.

I have been a gun owner and shooter for over 30 years. I remember buying UMC yellow box .45ACP at $8 for a 50 round box back when I bought my first .45 caliber handgun (a Smith and Wesson 4506). I have never seen such a shortage. Not during the Clinton years, not after Sandy Hook, not even during the HRC preelection scare.

Each year, Americans normally buy 27 million firearms and 10-12 BILLION rounds of ammunition. To put that in perspective, that is more ammunition than  was used by the entire US military during each year of World War 2, when the average was just over 10 billion rounds a year and the US armed forces had more than 15 million personnel.

We are only 7 months into the year, and Americans have bought 20 million firearms and every bit of ammo in the supply chain. There is currently more ammo out there in circulation than the entire US military used during any two years of World War 2. I don't know what production is, but demand is up. Way up.

I hope each and every one of you was smart enough to get and stock guns, ammo, and magazines.

ICU occupancy

One of the alarming stories that you will see in the coming days are reports that many hospitals' ICU are at 90% capacity. This seems like the ICU is crowded, but that isn't the case. Hospitals normally try to keep the ICU at 75% to 85% capacity. As support, here are two studies on that:

Optimal occupancy in the ICU: A literature review
reporting of ICU occupancy measures were identified and there were indications that optimal ICU occupancy rates were around 70–75%. 

What Is The Ideal Hospital Occupancy Rate?
I like having a midnight census of about 85% on Monday through Wednesday. That 15% buffer allows us to overlap that day’s admissions with that day’s discharges in the afternoons and also give us rooms to put the new admission in while we are cleaning the recently vacated rooms. Thursdays and Fridays, I like a midnight census of 80%. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 75% is acceptable because our surgical floors are starting to empty out and we reduce scheduled nursing staff accordingly.

So seeing a 90% occupancy rate is not a whole lot higher than normal. In fact, hospitals can't be profitable with a census below 70%.

If the occupancy is too low, then you have too many staff sitting around without work to do and you will lose money. If the occupancy is too high, then a couple of nurse call-offs means excessive work for the other nurses and can hurt morale. Furthermore, if you are completely full, you have to turn away patients and in the long-run that can harm both reputation and future referrals.

We want compliance

The Orange County Mayor is mad that people in gyms aren't following his orders. Note that the Mayor is Jerry Demings, the husband of Congresswoman Val Demings. They were both once police officers. Val is famous for leaving her department weapon in her unlocked vehicle in her driveway where it got stolen. Anyway, Jerry had this to say:
My appeal, always, is to gain voluntary compliance before we start looking at penalizing people, invoking criminal sanctions, but we want compliance there
That is what the issue is with COVID restrictions: they want compliance.

I once had a boss who was afraid of an OSHA inspection. His orders to the security guard at the gate was to refuse to allow OSHA inspectors into the gate. They would then have to leave to get a warrant, and during the interim, he would send everyone home for the day. When the inspector returned with a warrant, they would be allowed in and shown that the plant was being refurbished, and OSHA would not be able to fine him for a shut down factory.

I can imagine something like this working here.

Thursday, July 9, 2020

You need to suffer so I can live my best life.

So I got in a discussion with someone who is a friend of a friend of mine. We were discussing the state maintaining social distancing, mask orders, and other government mandates. This is how the important part went:

The virus is out there. Wearing a mask, lockdowns, all of it are not a long term solution. We are killing the economy and costing lives in an attempt to do what? People are still going to get this virus. Remember all of the "flatten the curve" stuff? All of the things we are doing is NOT going to prevent people from catching the virus. All it will do is prolong the amount of time it takes to infect the people who are going to get it.
This virus is widespread enough that it is going to be with us for years, perhaps forever.

Panicked Lady:
And if we all get it and 67% have lasting, long term complications? What is that going to do to the workforce and the economy?

Those same people will get it eventually, no matter what you do. Only then, they will all be jobless and poor.

So, just to clarify, where does that leave people like me who are high risk? Are we just supposed to live inside, not shop, not work, and just wait for the possibility of "herd immunity" to work? What do our senior parents do? Do they just live inside for months/years, waiting for the possible immunity? Or are we just expendable?

So are we all supposed to remain cloistered because you are sick and want to go out?

I want to work. I want to live my life just as much as everyone who isn't wearing masks. I haven't hugged my mother or my boyfriend in months to try to maintain my own safety. I'm not asking anyone to stay cloistered. I'm asking you to wear a mask, just like you wear pants, and shirts for the good and decency of everyone.

That IS my answer. You are sick. That sucks. I feel bad for you. However, it isn't my responsibility to take care of you. Instead of facing the fact that there are things you can no longer do, you demand that the rest of us change our behaviors, businesses go bankrupt and lay off employees, all so you can avoid being inconvenienced by YOUR illness. You demand that the rest of us change our behavior to suit you.
If your neighbor told you he had severe asthma and demanded that no one in your neighborhood mow their lawns, bar b que, smoke, or paint their homes so he could sit outside at the pool without worrying about his asthma, would that be reasonable? Of course not.
Do I think you are expendable? No. However, that in no way requires that I change my life to suit you. Not only that, there is not one single study that shows masks are effective in preventing the spread of COVID 19. Not one. 

And if you would like a study- here's one- http://files.fast.ai/papers/masks_lit_review.pdf
Don't ask a grad student to provide proof. We are good at that. 

You didn't provide proof. That "study" is not a study, it is a review of literature. From your own study:
4. Mask Efficacy Studies
Although no randomized controlled trials (RCT) on the use of masks as source control for SARS-CoV-2 has been published, a number of studies have attempted to indirectly estimate the efficacy of masks. Overall, an evidence review finds "moderate certainty evidence shows that the use of handwashing plus masks probably reduces the spread of respiratory viruses."
I don't think that literature using words like "estimate", "moderate certainty" or "probably reduces" is good enough to order businesses to operate at reduced capacity, close, or other disruptive activities.
PL: You are selfish and just want people to die. 



The saying is "Shoot, move, and communicate." I won't give away the entirety of my communications plan, but here is a partial list of equipment that I have. (The majority of it is Yaesu, for the simple reason that I only want to have and learn one version of the programming software):

Regional Comms:
Yaesu FT897 mobile radio mounted in the house. I also have batteries and antennas capable of taking this radio into the field.

Area comms:
Yaesu FTM-400XDR. This is my only digital radio. It is loaded with features, and I got it for about $400. You are fortunate to find one for less than $550 nowadays. I have it mounted in a vehicle.

Yaesu FT-7900R This is a vehicle mounted radio that operates in the 2 meter and 70cm band.

Uniden CMX760 This is a vehicle mounted CB radio.

Yaesu FT60R- This is a dual band handheld radio that has all sorts of advanced features.

Yaesu FT270R: This is a 2 meter handheld that has the advantage of being water resistant.

Because it does you no good without someone to talk to, I have some radios to share. For sharing, I have about half a dozen Baofeng UV-5r radios with spare batteries. They operate in 2 bands (2 meter and 70cm), are not as nice as the Yaesu radios I have, but do have the advantage of only costing $25 each. At that price, I can afford to give some away if needed.

Sadly, I agree

Tying it all together

For months, I have been watching the US fall deeper into the clutches of an insurgency designed to overthrow the US government and replace it with a communist dictatorship. As late as two weeks ago, I was being called crazy. Heck, two years ago, I would have called me crazy. So I have spent the last two weeks laying out my case. Now it is time for me to present my closing argument.

I must admit that, as I worked on this, I came to realize that the condition we find ourselves in has been in the making for at least a decade. Perhaps longer. Events that led us to this include the deaths of Andrew Breitbart and Antonin Scalia, the assassination attempt on Republican house members, the impeachment attempts on President Trump, and more.

Like Mein Kampf, the insurgents laid out their entire plan for us to monitor. Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals spells out their entire plan in black and white. In part one of my three part series on insurgency, I explained the first stage of their plan. Phase one of the insurgency is the preparation phase. The insurgents spent time and energy building up an organizational and logistical foundation, upon which they built the entire plan. Saul Alinsky picked up on the fact that the American system of government could only be destroyed from within once radical operatives had control over society’s institutions. There are large portions of the Federal government that are now more loyal to the insurgency than are loyal to the Republic.

Just as I pointed out in part two of the Roots of the Insurgency story, the insurgency must eliminate or silence any opposition to the insurgency and increase the population's dependence upon the goodwill of the portions of the government that are under the control of the insurgents. At the same time, we divide the people into "We" and "they" factions. In this case, along racial and class lines by telling a portion of the public that they are not as prosperous as "they" are because "they" are holding "us" back through an unfair system. How can you tell that it is working? Businesses change names of products, taglines, and branding. Once the government begins bowing to the political strength of the insurgents, the insurgency is at the peak of its political power. This is the point at which even more portions of the government cross over to openly support the insurgency. Those who do not submit will have their reputations, businesses, and lives ruined.

It is during phase two that the insurgency can now begin to use force. It begins modestly- assassinations, disappearances, unexplained deaths that aren't fully investigated, and seemingly random attacks. In my opinion, this has been going on for several years. In fact, Antifa even announced on November 4, 2017 that they were beginning the revolution. I blogged about it at the time. 

Then comes  overt action. Just as I pointed out in part three of Roots of an Insurgency, the insurgency enters the crisis stage. Violence begins to be more frequent, and right out in the open. The militant wings of the insurgency come out of hiding and directly challenge the authority of the government. Not only is it the goal of the insurgents to beat the government, but to convince the people that there is no point in fighting, because the insurgency is too strong. The portions of the government- local, state, and Federal, who are under control of the insurgency will allow the insurgents to continue to operate, and will even support the actions of the insurgents. The government that is loyal to the status quo is then openly challenged to a fight. If the government accepts the challenge and win, they look like tyrants, but if they lose or refuse to accept the challenge, they look weak.

This is also the stage where purges begin, books are burned or rewritten, and the history of the old regime is destroyed. This prevents any sort of "counter revolution" from gaining any traction.

The US Army calls this the "Open Insurgency Stage." According to the Army:
 At this stage, no doubt exists that the government is facing an insurgency. Politically, the insurgents are overtly challenging state authority and attempting to exert control over territory. Militarily, the insurgents are staging more frequent attacks, which have probably become more aggressive, violent, and sophisticated and involve larger numbers of fighters. As the insurgency becomes more active, external support for the belligerents probably becomes more apparent, if it exists.
An insurgency at this stage often progresses from undermining state authority to displacing and replacing it. Insurgents may develop a “shadow government” that mirrors state administrative structures and may establish “no-go” areas where government representatives have been driven out and where only large formations of security forces can operate.
"No go" zones like the ones in New York, Portland, Seattle, and elsewhere. At the same time that insurgents are attacking more and more often, they demand that we defund and dismantle the police to replace it with BLM personnel. (There goes that shadow government and replacing state authority.)

I previously believed that we were in phase two. I was plainly wrong. We entered phase two during the summer of 2016, once the powers that be realized that HRC might not win the Presidency. Once violence begins, the lines get a bit blurry, but I really believe that we are currently in phase three or the end of phase two. What comes next? Who knows? Who is John Galt?

I think there is a classic "October Surprise" to come. I think that it is odd that Biden isn't even really campaigning. He hasn't even chosen a running mate. Why? Has he given up? Doubtful. Is he that sure he will win? Is he really going to be the nominee? Or will his running mate be the surprise? Michelle Obama? It would be foolish of him to pick HRC, unless he hires a food taster.

Whatever the case may be, whatever the Democrat party does with the Biden campaign will tell us a lot about where they see the nation heading.

At any rate, we are in a violent phase of a revolution, a coup, an insurgency, call it what you will. I rest my case, and leave it up to each of you to look at the evidence and decide for yourselves where we are.


Leftist logic 101:
1 George Orwell wrote Animal Farm as a criticism of Stalinist Russia.
2 At the time he wrote it, Russia was at war with Nazi Germany
3 Therefore, Orwell aided the Nazis and his books should be destroyed

No irony here. Nope, not a bit.


I can't decide if these militia are cosplayers who are merely playing a part, or if they seriously think that they are ready for the revolution but incompetent. I don't understand the fascination they seem to have with .22LR. They certainly won't be able to engage anyone at any sort of range with underpowered cartridges and no attention to sights of any sort.

Just remember that a .22 can still kill you, and a bad shooter can still get lucky.

I didn't mark up these pictures, but they are informative:

Roots of an insurgency, part 3

This is a three part series. Part one is here. Part two is here.

In the first two parts, we talked about how the insurgency laid the groundwork: protests, propaganda, and initial recruitment. The second part covers how, now that the groundwork has been laid, mild violence begins.

Mao called this the "crisis" phase. The crisis state distinguishes resistance movements from social movements more generally. The essential characteristic defining an insurgency that has entered the crisis state is a decisive moment of escalated confrontation between opponents, however long or short. I think the recent nationwide riots fulfilled that characteristic.

Moving from an incipient to crisis state occurs when the movement grows powerful enough to pose a serious threat to its opponent. How we can determine when the threat has become serious is when the opponent of the resistance, the government, escalates its approach because previous methods of countering the resistance failed.

Scholars have identified signals of this crisis state to include a decisive loss of legitimacy by the government, financial collapse, breakdown in authority, strong symbolic actions, and perception of dual sovereignty or provisional authority, among others. (I think that this is why the movement is trying so hard to establish an autonomous zone.)

A great example of this would be Northern Ireland in 1972 was in the crisis state. The maintenance of barricaded “no-go” and “free” zones in Derry/Londonderry and Belfast during this period contributed to perceptions of provisional authority and separation of resistance from opponents. Heightened contention and escalation of resistance action occurred after British troops killed thirteen demonstrators at the civil rights march that became known as “Bloody Sunday.”

The insurgency gains power if the group or movement either persists through, or gains strength from, the crisis state. Surviving the crisis state deepens its organizational into an established opposition player. In other words, the essential characteristic of a resistance in the institutional state is an established role in society.

Once the last phase begins, totalitarian elites let loose their inclination to brutally eliminate their perceived enemies. Once this phase begins, things happen very quickly. The entire country will collapse in a matter of weeks.

Violence is considered a means to achieving the goal of centralized power. There is not even a pretense of due process or respect for free speech. Yes, there are pretexts given for eliminating perceived enemies, excuses that have the perpetrators projecting their own intentions upon their victims, but the accusations are merely for show.

Where are we?

America is still a free nation with laws on the books that protect individuals from abuses by the state. That appears to be changing. Criminals being released from jails to make room for business owners who are violating COVID closure orders. Rioters walking away with no charges. Rioters attack cars and motorists, the motorist tries to escape, and then the motorist is charged with a crime for injuring one of their attackers while escaping.

It even seems as if there are police and prosecutors who are actively assisting the insurgents. That is typical, and there will be much more of that as time goes on. Expect to see military units who side with the insurgents. In a country armed with thousands of nuclear weapons, anything can happen.

There is no doubt in my mind that we are currently in the early part of phase 2. Violent action has begun, and the crisis phase has begun. There are two ways forward from here. Either this insurgency will survive the crisis phase and things will get worse, or the insurgency will wither and die.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020


Protesters tried to stop the Iowa Governor's motorcade by stepping in front of the vehicles, but his State Police driver did what he should have done- drove through them.

The Iowa governor stated later that the trooper "acted appropriately" in driving through.


The group from my last post claims that they are carrying weapons because they believe that the police will not use less lethal force like tear gas on a crowd that contains people who are armed, because police do not want to begin a firefight. Here is the quote:

Rules of engagement for the police force are actually different now that we’re armed. They can’t openly fire into a crowd with people with AR’s or rifles because that would lead into a firefight. It’s a strategic thing that we do for our people, to be armed,
Make no mistake, he is banking on the fact that no one will dare oppose them for fear of getting in an active firefight. He knows that the police can't risk that while there are large numbers of unarmed protesters in the crowd. He is essentially using the crowd as human shields. He is also standing there armed with an unloaded weapon.

If anything, these actions bring us closer to the mag dump that will start full on combat.

Stolen insurgency

I know I have written about the NFAC and other insurgents. They are a clear danger to the American public. They also have posers out there who are stealing the look in order to gain more press and "legitimacy" for their cause. Take these guys:

Let's start with clothing:

Take a look at the 7 people dressed in black in the above picture. They are all wearing "rigs" that appear to be some sort of military appearing rigs for carrying weapons and associated equipment. Look closer. The ones that the men are wearing obviously do not have any armor panels in them. They are shells only. The woman is wearing a chest plate designed for baseball catchers. The man on the right has a shell that is covered with magazine pouches, but they are all empty.

Look at the three who are wearing berets. The patch they have is from the 66th Infantry Division, not the New Black Panther Party.

There is a closeup of the woman and her rifle.

If you zoom in, you can clearly see three things: There is an M&P logo clearly visible on the mag well, the ejection port is clearly too short to be anything but a .22 (making the rifle a Smith and Wesson M&P15-22 Sport). This leads one to also notice that the magazine is empty. Also note that the sling swivel is empty (indicating that she is clutching it because there is no sling) and the rifle only has the fold down BUIS that ship with the rifle, and they are folded down.

You can also see the man next to her is wearing a completely empty ballistic vest cover.

So I did some checking. It turns out that the white guy in the picture up top is a guy by the name of Michael Pierino. He is an Atlanta area professional actor. Here is his IMDB page. He is mostly a bit actor from things like "The Walking Dead."

Also from IMDB, here is a cast picture from a short he was just in called "Protectors of Life"

Some more searching discovers that the people in the top photo are ALL actors. They claim to be "for real" and are not being paid to act. If this is true, they are in REAL danger. Carrying unloaded firearms and empty plate carriers while trying to provoke a civil war is just asking to get owned in a gunfight.

The attorney who is representing them- Alann Pugh. He also appears to be posting to Instagram as SpiikeG.

No COVID at protests

If you wind up positive for COVID, contact tracers will call you in order to figure out where you got it, and who you may have given it to. One thing they aren't allowed to ask you is if you have been to a protest. Apparently, whether or not you have been to a protest is not scientifically important.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020


Every year, teachers begin their school year a week or two before students. This time is used to cover new policies, goals, and other changes to education from the previous school year. 

Last year, we were told that black students were being suspended at twice the rate of other demographics. They told us that this is because we as teachers are inherently racist. 

This year, I am guess they are going to double down. Here is an announcement from one Florida school board that all teachers will be required to attend a racial sensitivity class where they will learn, “If a Black kid comes to class and stands up, and is animated waving his arms while discussing an uncomfortable subject, that does not mean he is a threat to the class. He just wants his voice heard.”

Of course, I always thought that a student standing up in the middle of class and talking out of turn to be a disruption, but I guess that is because I am a racist. 

Four years ago, they demanded that we teach students about the "gay and lesbian lifestyle" and even gave us a pamphlet that they wanted us to follow. 

I am guessing that this is going to be a statewide, if not nationwide, thing. This is going to continue to be used to get rid of people who are not reliable Communists. 

Murder Insurance

New York wants to require police to carry personal liability insurance for wrongful use of force. Just three years ago, the NRA offered insurance just like that, and New York liberals called it "murder insurance." 

Roots of the insurgency, part 2: The insurgency

This is part 2 of a 3 part series. The first part can be found here.

Now that there are consequences for not giving in to the Communist aims and goals, false confessions proliferate, along with apologies and recantations for showing even the slightest hint of a politically incorrect viewpoint.

Now the violence can begin. This is when the Insurgency begins. We are seeing this today.

Almost every group out there protesting, whether it be Antifa, BLM, La Raza, and others are Communist. It is my belief that, since we are seeing armed and organized militia marching in the streets unopposed by the police, that we are well into phase 2.

Lest you think that, as officials claimed, this was a 'peaceful protest' look at this video, beginning with the 7:15 mark and ask yourself what it would have been called if any organization of armed white people had been talking to black motorists in the same manner.

The Insurgents are following the same playbook that every demagogue has used for more than a century. Even thought the insurgency is the violent part of a communist revolution, it depends on the political and propaganda portion in order to be successful. In other words, the insurgency can't begin until there is sufficient public support to prevent the government from simply arresting the insurgents as soon as they are identified.

For reference, here are the three phases to any Insurgency:

Phase I (pre-hostility or incipient phase) corresponds to infrastructure development
plus initial recruiting, organizing, training, and equipping of combat elements.
During this phase, insurgents may engage the government in open political
confrontations like public demonstrations, labor strikes, and boycotts. Insurgents
often establish secure base areas for military command elements and guerrilla
operations during this phase. Political-ideological cadres focus on indoctrination of
civilians and armed revolutionaries.
Phase II (guerrilla warfare phase) is the first level of armed violence. Irregular
forces engage in sabotage, interdiction of communication and logistics links,
assassination, and selective attacks against government forces. Insurgents expand
their secure base areas and, where possible, link them to form strategic enclaves
of political autonomy.
Phase III (conventional confrontation phase) marks the transition from guerrilla
actions to operations incorporating the tactics, techniques, and procedures of
conventional fire and maneuver.

Monday, July 6, 2020

Next: Book burning

Now that problematic statues, movies, and television shows are gone, here come the book burnings.

New York Autonomous Zone

My son is still in New York. Since he doesn't have to work until his flight out in the morning, he decided to take a stroll and see what was going on. Since most of New York is still shut down on penalty of arrest, there aren't many businesses or activities available. One of the few things they let you do is set up a camp to protest, because COVID doesn't infect protesters or something.

So my son set out for the protest zone and took some pictures. Here they are.

BLM supports man who stabbed 9 year old

Two months ago, police were called to the scene of a stabbing. When they got there, they found a 9 year old girl with facial fractures and multiple stab wounds. Other callers sent police to a nearby park, where they found a man covered in blood, who was acting erratically and armed with a bloody knife. When they attempted to talk with him, he charged the officers, who shot and killed him. 

The entire shooting was captured on multiple cell phone videos. 

There was an immediate outcry, claiming that the man who was shot- Jayshaun Hodge- was not the person who stabbed the girl. Now there is a protest group called "Justice for Jashaun" who are demanding that the police be punished.

This weekend, there was a protest where protesters blocked roadways with vehicles and human chains. They were also throwing smoke bombs into the road in an attempt to mask the roadblock from drivers. They appear to WANT to be hit by cars, so that they can generate sympathy for their cause once they get injured. 

They ignore the fact that it didn't matter if Jayshaun was guilty of the stabbing or not. What mattered was that he charged the officers with a weapon in his hand. 

Of course, that isn't the point. The point is that they get to destabilize the government even more. 

Roots of the insurgency, part 1

It appears that the BLM/Antifa brigades are almost exactly following Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals," which in itself followed Lenin's "Stages of a Revolution," which was also a modification of Mao's own theories on Communist revolutions. It’s all just a matter of conjuring up illusions and mass delusions, no matter the brand of totalitarianism. Lenin was a fiery orator of propaganda, as was Adolph Hitler.

Lenin created a class war, Hitler a race war. Either way, the divide-and-conquer of wannabe dictators is pretty much the same, no matter what differences each might claim about the other. The propaganda content varies, but not their divide-and-conquer methods. Attitudes of supremacy come in different flavors and colors, but all rest on the basic premise of "othering." human naturally are tribal, so using this basic feature of human psychology means that playing the "we" versus "they" plan is quite effective at setting oneself up to be the new leader.

As Saul Alinsky taught, the goal of all such radicals is to seize power by fueling resentment and hatred among people through various forms of “consciousness”—particularly class and race consciousness. That’s what identity politics is all about. Once their organizations breed enough ill will, the “masses”—made up of mostly individuals who feel slighted in some way—can be baited and mobilized to do the bidding of power elites, all while claiming to want justice and equality.

A communist insurgency requires a certain amount of groundwork before it can begin. Once the groundwork has been laid and propaganda absorbed by enough people, agitation can proliferate. As Lenin made clear, agitation and propaganda go together and are absolutely essential to communist revolutions. The laying of this groundwork of propaganda can take decades.

Agitation can involve protests, parades, marches, and demonstrations. It also involves organized shout-downs of legislators and a hundred other means of trying to affect public policy by influencing public opinion.

About 100 years ago, the Italian communist Antonio Gramsci introduced his theory of “cultural hegemony,” which cast cultural institutions as the enemy, claiming they were used to maintain power: Some people aren't more successful because they work harder. No, they are more successful because the game is rigged against them. This was the basis behind Hitler's scapegoating of the Jews, the Communist blaming of the Bourgeois.

Radicals of the 1960s, such as Saul Alinsky, picked up on this theme, noting that “the system” (i.e., American freedom) could only be destroyed from within once radical operatives had control over society’s institutions. The deep state is one example that’s been building through decades of bureaucratic bloat, with operatives embedded throughout the government, including in the military and intelligence agencies.

The mediating institutions have been relentlessly attacked. Those are the institutions that protect the individual from encroachment by the state, particularly the family, the church, and all voluntary and civic associations. We can see and feel especially how the family has been eroded today. All of these institutions have been deeply affected by statist forces, rendering them more vulnerable than ever to total absorption by the mass state, a prerequisite for communism. Once everything is provided by the state, there is little opposition once the state is subverted. People would rather maintain their standard of living than oppose the state and risk losing that standard. This is one reason why police "follow" orders that are antithetical to freedom- they don't want to risk losing their pension.

Once the stage is set, the communists enforce conformity. This is the stage in which you are told to conform and convert—or else. We see small shop owners threatened with financial ruin if they don’t come out and support the communists. We see Maoist-style “struggle sessions”—otherwise known as sessions of criticism and self-criticism—as college students are forced to admit to white privilege simply because they had happy childhoods. Businesses must swear allegiance to BLM or be destroyed. Anyone who engages in even a hint of counter-revolutionary thought is destroyed.

Once this has all been accomplished, the stage has been set for the beginnings of armed revolution. The Insurgency begins.

News you can use: Twist rate and bullet weight

One of the things that is overlooked by people who have begun buying into the AR-15 is buying the proper ammo for the twist rate of your barrel. Ar-15 barrels that are chambered for 5.56mm come in various lengths and twist rates, with the most common being 1:6, 1:7, 1:8, and 1:9.

Like throwing a football, the rifling of a barrel causes the bullet to spin around its long axis in order to stabilize it in flight. This rate is called "twist rate." Twist rate is the number of inches the bullet travels in order to complete a full rotation and is expressed as a ratio.  In other words, a 1:8 twist rate will cause the bullet to spin once every 8 inches of travel. A 55 grain bullet leaving the barrel at 3,240 feet per second will be spinning at nearly 300,000 rpm.

Since muzzle velocity is a function of pressure, which in itself is related to bullet weight, the weight of the bullet dictates which twist rate is appropriate for each bullet. The twist rates on all but one of my AR-15s is 1:7, even though 1:9 is the more popular barrel. The fast twist rate favors slower (in other words, heavier) bullets. The ideal twist rates for bullets is:

Weight: 40-Grain               Twist Rate: 1:12 to 1:9
Weight: 55-Grain               Twist Rate: 1:9 or 1:8
Weight: 62-Grain               Twist Rate: 1:8 or 1:7
Weight: 77-Grain               Twist Rate: 1:7 or 1:8
Weight: 80-Grain               Twist Rate: 1:7

Note that the 1:7 twist is best for 62 grains and higher. This is the reason why I favor the Lake City Green Tip, which is a 62 grain bullet.

If I had a barrel with a 1:9 twist rate, then a better choice would be the 55 grain bullet. This bullet is faster and works better with a longer twist rate.

Why did I pick that particular twist rate? Lighter bullets do better at ranges under 100 yards. The heavier bullet is better for accuracy at ranges over 100 yards. Honestly, I would have chosen a 1:8 twist, but I couldn't find one at the time.

At ranges under 100 yards, the lighter and faster 55 grain bullet is better at defeating body armor.
At ranges over 100 yards, the heavier 62 grain bullet is now travelling at the same velocity as the lighter one, meaning that it has more energy at longer range, and being steel, more penetrating ability.

Hope this helps.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Flaunting your insurgency

Grandmaster J of the NFAC (Not Fucking Around Coalition) claims that the USA needs to give Texas to black people as reparations so they can create their own nation. They claim there is no negotiating, and they are not "going to bring signs to a gunfight."

Here is the NFAC entering Stone Mountain, Georgia trying to provoke a fight with white militia groups. I can't see military training at work here. What military group marches into combat all bunched up and in formation like that?

The only reason that this remained peaceful was that the whites in the area that were being threatened with violence didn't respond. I don't think that will remain the case indefinitely. We are a 2 way mag dump away from entering phase three of the insurgency. At this point, the insurgency is daring government forces to respond. The longer that this goes on with no response, the worse it will be later.

Another homecoming

I just got off the phone with my son, who is still in Harlem. He has not seen any COVID patients in weeks. Last night he had 16 shooting and one stabbing victim as patients. One of them died. That was his last night working in New York. He flies home on Tuesday morning. He would come home earlier, but he has nowhere to go. He cannot go home to his house because his fiance has to self isolate for two weeks because she is COVID positive.

He doesn't want to come here because he is afraid he might be positive and has to isolate. He is still laid off from his normal job, so is trying to secure another emergency staffing job. Right now, many of his travelling friends are in the latest COVID hotspot, Houston. He says he will likely end up either there or in Miami. He is trying to negotiate a contract.

Flash bang research

In my post of yesterday, the company that I inquired with about purchasing flash bangs told me that their products were only for those licensed for pyrotechnics. It turns out that Florida does not have, nor does it require such a license. 

The search continues.

Insurgents in company strength

Watch this video in its entirety. Then ask yourself what the people in it are planning to do.

The Insurgency continues to advance. This is an under strength company. Discipline and weapons familiarity are weak, but they are getting better organized and are obviously no longer afraid of the government or police.

Now we are seeing areas that are now "no go" zones for government forces and police.

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Gear review: Smoke Grenades, part 2

I tested the EG18 grenade today under nearly identical conditions: Wind was 3 mph from the WNW, temp was 86, humidity 93 percent. The cloud produced was nowhere near as dense or large as the EG18X. On a side note, there was a family walking by that were quite impressed by the smoke cloud.

In other news, I inquired about flash bangs, and the first place I asked provided this response:

Thank you for your interest in our product.  Unfortunately, it is only available for professional use due to its restrictive nature and cannot be sold to the general consumer.  This product is classified as a true pyrotechnic.  As your reason for use mentioned airsoft, you may have seen and/or used our device at national airsoft events, however, those facilities and personnel were authorized and licensed for the use of pyrotechnics.
Since they class it as a "pyrotechnic" and not a destructive device, I am thinking there is a way to procure something. More research coming.

Wokeness in school

This  video is making the rounds of Social Media.

This video is pretty accurate. Let me explain why:

All 11th grade students in the state of Florida MUST take US History. At the end of this class there is a test called the EOC. That exam is used not only to rate the student, but the results of that test are used to rate the teacher AND the school. Whether or not teachers keep their jobs, and the amount of school funding, it determined by the scores on this exam. It is very difficult to cover everything that

With that being said, here are the standards (called benchmarks) that detail what a student must learn for US History. They are set by the Florida Department of Education. Read them carefully. There is not one benchmark that covers anything that happens before the Civil War. However, 20 of the 121 benchmarks concerned some form of identity politics. US history, and not one word about the American Revolution, the Constitution, the Louisiana Purchase, or anything else before 1860, but a fifth of the class concerns identity politics.

War of American Independence, 1775-1783

When we learned about the American Revolution, it was easy to see it all as a single time period. Please keep in mind that the events that led to the Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776 had begun nearly 12 years before.

As a result of the French and Indian war (1756-1763), the British were taxing the colonies(notably the Stamp Act of 1765, the Townshend Acts of 1767 and the Tea Act of 1773).

In early 1770, more than 2,000 British soldiers occupied the city of Boston with its 16,000 colonists and tried to enforce Britain’s tax laws. This led to skirmishes between colonists and soldiers—and between separatist colonists and colonists loyal to Britain (loyalists)—were increasingly common. To protest taxes, separatists often vandalized stores selling British goods and intimidated store merchants and their customers.

On February 22, a mob of separatists attacked a known loyalist’s store. Customs officer Ebenezer Richardson lived near the store and tried to break up the rock-pelting crowd by firing a warning shot through the window of his home. His gunfire struck and killed an 11-year-old boy named Christopher Seider and further enraged the separatists.

Several days later, a fight broke out between local workers and British soldiers. It ended without serious bloodshed but helped set the stage for the bloody incident yet to come.

The Boston Massacre took place on March 5, 1770. Months of unrest followed.

The Boston Tea party was in December of 1773.

The British responded with the Intolerable Acts.

The First Continental Congress met in September of 1774 and presented a list of grievances to the Crown.

The Second Continental Congress was supposed to have met in May of 1775, but the events of  April 19, 1776 interrupted that. The Battle of Lexington and Concord began the Revolutionary war- more than 10 years of escalating tensions and violence led to open warfare.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Lake Orion, MI

There was a self defense situation in the Detroit metro area. The incident went like this:
A white, pregnant woman allegedly bumped into a black teenager. The teenager went and got her mother, who approached the white woman and demanded that she apologize. Things escalated into a verbal argument, and that is where the video, being recorded by the black teen, begin:

Note that the couple attempted to pull away and the black mother stepped behind the car to block their egress. After being unable to leave, the white couple drew a firearm.

The white couple has been arrested and charged with felonious assault and, if convicted, face up to 4 years in prison.

This again reinforces my opinion that you need to have a dash cam AND if anyone attempts to stop you from leaving by throwing themselves in front of your vehicle, do not get out. Just floor it and leave.

That's what I said

Last week, I was censored by a news channel because I posted facts about broken households, and those are racist. Apparently, I am not the only one saying it. 

White House Down

I think that Joe Biden is going to be our next President. I will vote against him, but I think that the tactics of COVID, BLM, and Joe's handlers wisely keeping him out of the public eye will ensure that he will be sworn in as our next President.

Note that we are exactly four months from election day, and the Democrats still haven't announced their VP pick. I think the VP pick is a secret weapon that will be announced in such a way as to present a real problem for the Trump campaign.

Could you imagine HRC as Biden's VP pick? He can't be so foolish. He would need a food taster for every meal, and who would volunteer for that job? Could he possibly pick Michelle Obama to be VP? Even Barack Obama could be his pick. (Remember that a person can't be ELECTED more than twice to the Presidency, but it says nothing about succeeding after being already elected twice.)

The person he picks may very well wind up being President. In fact, depending on who the pick winds up being, it could be likely that he resigns or is removed relatively quickly.

Either way, I now feel that the Republicans are likely to lose control of the White House.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Red ink

SiGraybeard reports that the US just passed $26 trillion in debt, and in May it was $25 trillion.

In November of 2019, I blogged that the US was $23 trillion in debt.
In July of 2019 (a year ago) I pointed out that it was $22 trillion.
When Trump took office, it was $19.5 trillion. The Trump administration has so far borrowed $6.5 trillion.
In all, Obama's share of our national debt is about $8 Trillion. President George W. Bush borrowed $5 trillion, Clinton $1.8 trillion.

We cannot borrow money forever. The total economic activity of the entire US economy (GDP) is $21.7 trillion a year. The US owes 120% of its GDP. By definition, something that cannot go on forever, will not. How large can the debt get before it is unrecoverable?

Harlem, home, COVID

My son came home from Harlem on June 3. On June 8, they called him and asked him to return and offered him even more money than the first time, so he accepted. He flew back the very next day. After just two weeks there, he was told that FEMA has cancelled the emergency fund that was paying him, and that all contract medical personnel would be returning home on July 6. No more gravy train after that day.

He will be coming home to quarantine. His fiance was exposed to a friend that was asymptomatic, but tested positive for COVID. She got tested herself and is also positive for COVID. She didn't complain of any symptoms until she was told about her friend and decided to get tested. She claims that she has lost her sense of taste, is extremely tired, and feels like bugs are crawling all over her. I am not sure if these symptoms are real, or are just psychosomatic. At any rate, she is quarantined for 2 weeks, and I guess he will be too, once he gets home.

This is what COVID is now: mild symptoms (if any) and massive economic damage.

Seen on social media

While I was against making fun of people who are just discovering that guns are needed, this one doesn't do that:

Also, because these tickled my fancy:

Gear Review: Smoke grenades.

So I have been thinking that it could be beneficial to have some smoke grenades. Not to mention fun. So I searched far and wide to find some, and settled on EG Grenades and their EG18 series. Now I wasn't sure whether or not to get the 18 or the 18X, so I bought some of each. It turns out that I really like typing the word 'grenade' so I may use it quite a bit here.

I ordered them on Friday, June 26, and they shipped the same day by FedEx ground. The cost was $150 for eight grenades including shipping, and they arrived on Wednesday, July 1. They are available in eight colors: Black, Blue, Green Red, White, Yellow, Orange, and Purple. I bought red, white, and blue because those colors were on sale for Independence Day and because those colors won't raise too many eyebrows while I am testing them close to July 4.

The grenades claim that it is safe to be stored at up to 50degC and 70% humidity. That means they should do well in an ammo can in the garage with a couple of desiccant packs thrown in there.

I waited until afternoon for the breeze to die down, and decided to test one. Humidity was 85%, temperature 81F, and wind was 3 mph out of the WSW.  The first grenade I tested was an EG18X in RED.

Deploying the grenade is easy- just pop off the safety cap, pull the pin, and toss the grenade. There is NO delay between pulling the pin and the emergence of smoke. The web page for the grenade states that smoke emerges for about 50 seconds. That may be true if you count every wisp of smoke, but the time for actual, thick smoke is almost exactly 30 seconds.

The smoke cloud stayed relatively close to the ground, with the thickest part of the cloud extending from the ground to about 15 feet in height. The cloud was thick enough and wide enough to completely hide the house across the street. I would say 60 feet wide by about 30 feet deep. It remained relatively intact for about 2 minutes.

This grenade is more than capable of obscuring the movement of people or objects from ground observation, as long as wind conditions allowed the cloud to remain intact. The smoke would have worked had I needed to move from the house to a vehicle in the driveway without being seen- in other words, instant concealment. It would also be quite effective for marking locations for spotting from the air. In other words, just like its military counterpart.

Another warning: The grenade came to rest on its side on my driveway. The discharge stained the concrete. I don't know how long the red stain will be there.

Later: I will test the EG18 as a comparison.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Pissing off neighbors

So it turns out that pulling the pin on a high output smoke grenade and tossing it into your yard pisses off some of your neighbors. The guy who lives 4 doors down is REALLY pissed. I don't care. It isn't illegal, and I broke no rules.


My smoke grenades got delivered today. I am going to try a couple out in the next day or two. Next: sourcing flash bangs and CS grenades.


As I have been saying for several weeks, it is obvious that the opening shots of Civil War 2 have been fired. We are in the early stages of phase 2 of a communist insurgency:

Phase II (guerrilla warfare phase) is the first level of armed violence. Irregularforces engage in sabotage, interdiction of communication and logistics links,assassination, and selective attacks against government forces. Insurgents expand their secure base areas and, where possible, link them to form strategic enclaves of political autonomy.

The ambush as a tactic has been around for thousand of years, dating back to ancient warfare. Ambushes give a commander a way to attack the enemy with the element of surprise. The ambush is a tactic that has been in use for over 3,000 years, and tactics have remained largely unchanged for over a thousand years. 

Miguel and JKB posted a link to a film of an ambush that was executed by Antifa/BLM forces in Provo, Utah. Here is the link to that video of the incident. 

The basics of an ambush are relatively simple to understand. Let's start there, and then we can discuss how to defeat one.

An ambush is a tactic where a force uses a concealed position to engage an enemy with surprise and firepower. The side that initiates an ambush sets the time and place for it by enticing the enemy into the ambush, or observes the enemy's routine and sets the ambush accordingly.

In a military setting, there are different ambushes. There are tactical and strategic ambushes, the Army also classifies them as near (hand grenade range) and far ambushes. We can ignore them for this purpose, and I will explain why later. 

The area where the ambush will be carried out will be an area where the ambushers have concentrated their firepower to inflict the maximum effect on the force to be ambushed. That area is referred to as the "kill zone." 

The goal of an ambush is to entice or catch the target in the kill zone, and then hold that target within the kill zone for as long as possible, or at least as long as it takes to inflict the desired casualties on the target. 

So how do we defend ourselves from an ambush? The first way is to be unpredictable. Don't be where an enemy can set up an ambush and wait for you. The ideal course of action is to avoid being in the kill zone in the first place. Follow the advice here for my thoughts on that. 

Unfortunately, this isn't going to work for the ambush that we saw above. The ambushers don't care about any particular target. They are simply looking for any random person to come along in a vehicle and then attack them. 

In the above case, a vehicle enters the kill zone and is held there by crowds of "protesters" in the street. The ambushers are counting on the fact that Americans are reluctant to run over pedestrians in order to escape. 

Now the Army has some suggestions on how to defeat an ambush, but they are not really practical for our purposes. They want troops who are trapped in the kill zone to engage the enemy with suppressive firepower so that follow on troops who are not in the kill zone can outflank and engage the ambushers. 

Since we are not at the point where platoon sized engagements are practical, we have to find a better way. 

The key to defeating an ambush is to minimize the ambushers' advantages while maximizing your own. 

The ambushers have four main advantages:
1 they selected the ambush site
2 they have surprise on their side
3 they are not afraid to use force
4 we cannot use excessive force to defend ourselves, lest we wind up in jail

Our biggest advantages are:
1 we have mobility
2 the ambushers are tied to the kill zone and the protest area

So the first two things to mitigate their advantages while taking advantage of our own:
1 we have to move clear of the kill zone
2 we have to seize the initiative 

The simplest and easiest way to accomplish both is to floor it. We are in a vehicle, we are mobile, and they are not. We are limited to almost no weapons use, because the ambushers are (for whatever reason) not being prosecuted for their actions. Not so much for our side. Use force, and there is a good chance that you will lose everything in the legal shit storm that follows. 

Expect things to continue getting worse as time goes on.