Friday, November 8, 2019

Self defense from fake cop

I had a defensive gun use three years ago. I have hesitated to use it, until now.

I live in a very quiet community, and many people in the area use neighborhood electric vehicles to get around. Similar to golf carts, they are great for a quick errand to the store. Many areas in Florida are famous for this, and communities frequently include multi-use pathways just for that purpose.

Anyway, I had taken a run to the corner store and was on my way home, when a car backed out of a space in front of me, the driver obviously not bothering to check for cross traffic before backing out. I slammed on the brakes and avoided being hit by only a couple of inches. I gave him a dirty look, swerved around, and kept going. It was a white, two door Pontiac with a large "Punisher" sticker in the back window.

A minute or so later, I see in my mirror that the guy is behind me and honking his horn. As I stop to make the turn into my neighborhood, he jumps out of the car and begins telling me that it is illegal to leave the scene of an accident. I tell him that there was no accident, we never made contact. He tells me that I am a liar, and then says that he is a Navy Special Warfare police officer at the Navy base, and he is placing me under arrest. He tells me to turn around a put my hands behind my back. There are a few problems with that statement:

1 I am not aware of any "Navy Special Warfare Police"
2 Even if they exist, they have no civilian arrest powers
3 The nearest Navy operating base is over 100 miles away. Yes, there is a 'secret' Naval research facility about 20 miles from here, but I don't think that they want their personnel running around in personal automobiles 'arresting' people for stupid stuff. The facility belongs to the Naval Research Lab, and they keep a VERY low profile. I don't even know if there are military people there, it may just be civilians.
4 He is in shorts and a tank top. No identification. No uniform.

At any rate, this smells, so I tell him to back up and get back in his car. Right now, the bulk of his car and my NEV are between us, so I just tell him to get back in the car.

He says "What if I don't want to?" and steps around the car. Now we are separated by about 10 feet, and there is nothing between us but air. He takes another step closer.

I felt the hairs on my neck raise, and without even realizing that I had made the decision to do so, I drew my J frame from the pocket holster in my front right pocket. I held it at the low ready, muzzle pointed at the ground between us.

His eyes popped out of his head. I remember thinking that he looked like a cartoon character. He immediately put his hands up and began backing away as he said, "I'm not armed." Then he ran, jumped in his vehicle, and sped away.

I called the 911, and a Deputy arrived less than a few minutes later. A police report was filed, they looked for the guy but never found him. The plate number I gave them was not a valid number. So he either had fake plates, or I simply didn't give them the correct number.

The one big lesson that I took from this, was that I needed to begin carrying something to bridge the gap between bare hands and lethal force. That was the day that I began carrying Pepper Spray. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2019


Lake County, Florida has voted to become a Second Amendment sanctuary. Does this mean that the Lake County Sheriff is not going to enforce Federal gun laws?

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Orlando crime news

One "teen" shoots another "teen" inside of an Orlando gym. Whenever the local media talks about "teens," anyone who has lived in Orlando knows that they are talking about black gang members. On a side note, since it is already illegal for 15 year old "teens" to have guns, what gun laws would prevent these shootings?

In other Orlando crime news, most of the time violent crime occurs in Pine Hills, or as locals refer to it: Crime Hills. Today was no exception:

Orlando block party ends in gunfire Saturday night

Man carjacked at gunpoint in Orange County

Thieves targeting gun owners at gas stations

According to the Sheriff of Fayette County, Georgia, thieves looking for firearms are keying in on pickups with hunting or even patriotic stickers or emblems. They are now targeting pickups at gas stations for smash and grab robberies, hoping to snatch guns from the center console.

This is the reason why my firearm is on me, and when it is not, it is secured in a Gunvault slider safe that is securely bolted to the inside of my truck. It has room for a firearm and a spare magazine. I own two of them.

I don't have any relationship with Gunvault, other than the fact that I own two of them, and I highly recommend them.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Another trillion

In July, I reported that we had borrowed yet another trillion dollars. We do it so often that trillion just isn't scary any longer. In this case, here we are just ten months after the last trillion dollar signpost, passing yet another. as we have just hit $23 trillion

So here we are, facing the fact that the government under the Trump administration has borrowed $4,1 trillion. That is a 115% increase in the total debt. 

We cannot borrow indefinitely, and that which cannot continue will not continue. What is going to happen when the lenders stop lending? I fear that we are going to find out. 

Friday, November 1, 2019

Fall is here

Yesterday, the dew point was 74 degreesF here in Central Florida. This morning, it is 51 degrees. Fall is here, finally.

Statistics, damned statistics, and liars

The media has been running and re-running an article about the odds of an American being killed by "gun violence." Business insider posted the story not once, not twice, but three times last year. This headline, along with the statistical math that supposedly supports the article, is complete tripe.

The article claims that the average American stands a 1 in 315 chance of being killed by "gun violence." This is a misstatement of statistical analysis. In order to take the number of "gun deaths" each year and divide that into the total population of the country to arrive at a "chance of being killed by gun violence" statistic, each American in the total population must be equally likely of being the victim of one of these events. In other words, the events must occur randomly.

That cannot be the case. Each year, about 60% of all deaths involving a firearm are suicide. If you do not commit suicide, your chances of dying from "gun violence" were just cut in half. More than half of all homicides in the nation were committed in a city that has a population of greater than 100,000. Nearly ten percent of firearm homicides were legal shootings by police and private citizens employing firearms in self defense.

What all of this means is that if you are not in a gang, are not dealing drugs or otherwise involved in a criminal enterprise, not suicidal, and live in a city of less than 100,000 people, you are about one 50th as likely to be involved in a "gun death."

The goal here is that the press want suburban moms to be afraid of guns. In order to do that, they HAVE to lie, because telly Suzie Soccermom that gang members living in inner city Chicago are dying over drug sales turf wars doesn't generate the fear they need in order to sway her opinion.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Liberals don't understand economics

Liberals in Florida have put a minimum wage increase to $15 an hour on the ballot. In a news article on that topic, I posted a comment:

Divemedic: The real minimum wage is zero. Once the minimum wage reaches a certain point, businesses simply stop hiring. They do so either by not expanding or by eliminating jobs by automating.
In the meantime, they will simply increase prices to cover the extra expenditures.

A liberal responds: when wages increase, people on the bottom spectrum spend it (unlike tax breaks for wealthy, who find ways to save it or invest it in multinational organizations that don’t impact us). If poor people spend it, the question is, where? They like to eat out, go to the movies, hit the arcade, bowling, and buy crap at local stores. This is well established.
So if a local business doubles its sales, why would they stop hiring?

Divemedic: Because the cost per unit has increased. If you increase wages, the labor cost, which is the largest expense of any business other than cost of goods sold, is higher. A worker is limited in how many units they can produce per hour, so increasing hourly wage results in a higher unit cost. The business must respond by either increasing prices or decreasing costs, in order to stay profitable.
Increasing prices can only be done to a small extent if the company is to remain competitive. The only option left is to reduce costs. This is where automation comes in- once labor costs are more than the cost of automation, the company will automate jobs out of existence. Automation decreases unit cost by increasing the number of units an employee can produce. We are already seeing that with the ordering kiosks and self checkouts in stores. Some companies will resort to hiring illegal immigrants who will work for less than minimum wage. Either way, the American worker suffers..
Your comparison of increased labor to tax cuts is invalid- a business has very little option of cutting its own taxes.

Liberal: That's why I feel there should be a cap on prices or else everything will continue to go up and we’ll be back in the same boat as before except at a higher priced level.


Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Free speech

Now the left is claiming that they can predict mass shootings based upon the social media posts of individuals- even when those posts are not considered threatening. It seems that they are matching speech patterns of people to see if they match speech patterns of mass shooters. Right now, police are arresting people for saying things like:

3 more days of probation left then I get my AR-15 back. Don’t go to Walmart next week
Which most people recognize as being a real and immediate threat. However, they are proposing that the use of phrases like: “I,” “me,” and “mine.” indicates a person who is more likely to do violence than a person who uses words like: “great,” “happy,” and “amazing.” They go on to claim that a person can be diagnosed with personality disorders or depression, based on nothing more than their social media posts. They claim that that people who become violent are more likely to use emotionally laden words like “shit,” “hate,” “you” and “they.” while being less likely to use words about the external world, such as “people,” “world,” “state” and “time.”

This is pure pseudoscience, of course. Using this hypothesis, a person would be considered unlikely to commit violence if they said something like: "The people of the world would be happier if we took time to make the state safer by executing everyone who owns weapons of war. Wouldn't that be amazing?" While the person who replies with: "I think your idea of killing people is bullshit. I hate it. You have no right to take my guns, they are mine." would be considered a killer in waiting.

The scary part is in the last paragraph:
we are optimistic that these words can offer a window—and a warning—about individuals’ intentions. This work is by no means a standalone solution to gun violence or terrorism, but it might help, even as predicting and preventing these sorts of attacks remains incredibly difficult.

Gun bloggers and social media posters beware: Your words will soon be used against you.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Police shoot sleeping woman

During a "well being check" that may well have been a SWATing, the police broke into a home without a warrant, woke up a sleeping woman, then shot her, because a woman asleep in her bed at night is a threat.

Now she is being charged with three counts of attempted murder of a LEO. But red flag laws won't ever be abused.