Monday, December 11, 2017

Done with Florida carry.

I joined because I thought they were going to do a good job. Then this happened. Then, I joined their FB page and saw posts like these:

Clips are always Very handy. Im an old outlaw; and i know when things are about to go down. Not one of those scared guys with one in the chamber all the time

Okay legislative geniuses, what's the next step and when for this horrible HR 38 turd?

Most of thee group seems to be a circle jerk of wannabes who have exactly zero knowledge of the law, concealed carry, or anything else firearms related. Coupled with their recent opposition to changes in Florida law, I think that this is my last year as a paid Florida carry member.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Armed store owner catches felon

A store owner in Yalaha, Florida saw some suspicious activity at one of his gas pumps and went to investigate. When he saw that the man at the pump was installing a credit card skimmer, he confronted the criminal, who attempted to "intimidate" the store owner. The store owner drew a firearm and the man fled. The would be thief and his female accomplice were caught and arrested by deputies just a few miles away.

In Florida, it is legal for a person to carry a weapon, whether openly or concealed, at his place of business. It is also, as a matter of law, considered non-lethal force to merely point a firearm at someone. It is lawful to use non-lethal force to protect property or to prevent a crime. In other words, what the store owner did was completely legal.

So why is the Orlando media posting the same article with this misleading headline?

Man pulls gun in confrontation over gas pump skimmer, deputies say

If one were to read the headline, you would think that the entire incident was some sort of road rage argument, and not a store owner performing a citizen's arrest on a criminal. It is subtle things like this that the press uses to influence public opion against guns and gun owners. Why not make the headline "Gunman interferes with man attempting to earn a living" and just go full bore with the propaganda?

As a side note, the man who is accused of the crime is not a US citizen, and has already been convicted once of credit card fraud.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Trials have become political footballs

I have to say that I usually tell everyone to respect the jury's findings after a trial. The jury got to see all of the evidence, and we did not. I have a much harder time doing that with the Zarate case. The jury in that case found a convicted felon not guilty of every charge involved with the killing of a young woman, with the exception of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

There was a comment on a recent post of mine, where an anonymous poster said:

Based on what I've read of the case, the jury verdict not to convict for murder seems correct. That the prosecution didn't go for negligent homicide instead suggests he overreached for personal political gain.

Let's see what we can find...

To me, the most damning piece of evidence was the security video of the shooting and its immediate aftermath:
During his testimony, video provided to him that was recorded from a distance was played for the jury. It showed Steinle falling, the suspect walking away and something splashing in the water.
So we have video of the suspect shooting the victim and then disposing of the evidence by throwing it into the ocean. The fact that he tried to conceal what happened is evidence that he knew that he had committed a crime. The suspect freely admitted that he had a firearm, he fired it (saying, "It just went off." when he picked it up.) The firearm that he had was stolen. He is a prohibited person in possession of a firearm and ammunition. He admitted to both in open court. He claims he "found" the firearm lying under a bench.

He was charged with manslaughter, which is the negligent or careless actions that result in the death of another. At the very least, he should have been convicted of that. My feeling here is that he was found not guilty by reason of being a liberal avatar for Trump hate.

Also to blame is the government of California.  The victim's family sued the state, claiming that their refusal to enforce the law (pdf warning) led directly to the killer being there to kill their daughter. A liberal California judge threw out the suit.

The result here is that a woman is dead, killed for doing nothing but walking in a tourist area. Her killer will be released, likely immediately, and criminals will continue to cross into our nation and kill our citizens.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Guns and criminals are not the target of gun laws

So the illegal immigrant convicted felon was deported 5 times before he killed a woman in California while illegally carrying a concealed firearm. These facts are not in dispute. He was acquitted of most of the crimes he was charged with, but was convicted of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, but under California, and not Federal, law. This carries a penalty of 16 months to 3 years in prison. Parole could cut that to less than 6 months in prison.

If he had been convicted of the same crime in Federal court, he would have a possible sentence of 5-15 years without parole.

Why do we pass laws that we do not enforce? Why does California push for gun laws and then allow people to break them? My guess is that these laws are not being used for their stated purpose.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

GOP tax plan is a tax increase

I just got off the phone with my CPA. The GOP tax plan is going to cost me tens of thousands more in taxes for tax year 2018. Let me explain how I understand this:

Most businesses are small businesses. Small businesses like LLC's, Schedule C corporations, and the like are called "pass through entities" and the IRS treats them as though they do not exist, for tax purposes. In other words, whatever income that your business has is your income.

Larger companies tend to be corporations. Those are considered to be corporate persons, meaning that their income is considered separate from the owners of the company, the stockholders.

(I am simplifying this to make it easy to understand, please don't flame me.)

As a part of the tax code changes, the GOP plan calls for doubling the standard deduction, and then eliminating nearly all other deductions, including the individual exemption, and itemized deductions like attorney's fees, paid accountant fees, deductions for mechanics who buy their own tools, security guards buying their own weapons, etc.

Because of this, pass through entities and individuals will lose out when they can no longer deduct the cost of carrying out their livelihoods, but corporations can still deduct those expenses from profits as a cost of doing business, AND the corporate rate is reduced. This is one time that the liberals are correct: this is a huge handout for corporate welfare, one that benefits the corporate taxpayer while screwing the small businessman.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Registration ----> Confiscation

Registration always leads to confiscation.
Hawaii, though, maintains an electronic database of both firearm purchasers, who must complete both the federal ATF and a state permit application, and medical marijuana patients. That allowed the Honolulu police to cross-check and compile a list of MMJ patients in the state’s firearms registry.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Be careful what you wish for

Lawyers are now claiming that the police use of bodycams is a threat to human rights. The problem here is that the used to use camera footage to find minor differences betewen police reports and camera footage to claim police were lying. Now that the police have the footage available, they are writing the reports based on the footage, increasing accuracy.

I think that the report reflecting what actually happened is a good thing, unless you are an unscrupulous lawyer who seeks to free your client, no matter what the truth may be. It makes me laugh that the same people who screamed for police body cams so they could get to the truth are now screaming about how unfair the truth is.

Friday, November 24, 2017


Imagine that you told people that, if they break into your home, you will let them stay there, provide free food, free housing, and provide free college for their children. How many people would break into your home?

That is what is happening in California. Read this article, and see what is happening for yourself. The article is intended to make us feel sorry for the illegal immigrants and their anchor babies, but this is what it really means:

A family with no skills, no education, and no money illegally immigrates into the US, and then has 4 anchor babies, with all medical expenses paid for on the government dime. Since the 4 kids are all citizens, the family now gets welfare, food stamps, housing assistance, free cell phones, and free college educations. 

The college alone costs $27,000 a year, for a total cost to the US taxpayer of $432,000 for all four kids. In all, a rough calculation shows that this family has cost the US taxpayer more than $2 million in assistance since the illegal immigrant parents arrived here roughly 30 years ago. 

The government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the enthusiastic support of Paul, or in this case, Pedro.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Get a gun safe

A high school kid committed suicide at his school after stealing a Glock 26 from a family friend while spending the night. The guns were locked up by those cheesy cable gun locks that are mandated by law in at least two states, and also inside of a soft sided case.

A determined adult (for all intents, a 17 year old is as competent and resourceful at defeating cable locks as any adult) can bypass these locks in just a few minutes, especially if he has stolen the gun and is trying to beat the lock in the privacy of his own home.

I have a gun safe. That safe is bolted to the floor. That safe has a switch on the inside that is connected to my home automation system. As soon as the safe is opened, it sends a text message to my phone and if I am not home, sets off the burglar alarm.

Every firearm in my home that is not under my physical control is unloaded and placed in the safe. Anyone who wants to gain access to one of my firearms will have to enter my house without setting off my alarm, and then force open the safe without setting off the alarm. This is as secure a system as I can imagine making, within reason.

Secure your firearms. Don't let an unauthorized person gain access to them. Gun safes are cheap. A decent one costs less than $600. Why would you invest thousands in firearms, and not be willing to spend $600 to protect them from theft?

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


There is a bit of a scandal involving a politician who is running for office, with several women who are accusing him of sexual impropriety from forty years ago. There are those in Congress who claim that they will remove him from office if he is elected.

The left is trying to convince the American people that President Trump needs to be impeached. They claim that, should the Democrats reestablish a majority in Congress during the midterm elections, they will impeach the President.

What is happening here is the disenfranchising of the voters. They are saying that the voters are not smart enough to elect their own representatives and, since they are obviously smarter and better than you, they will select your leaders for you. (Not a mistake there- the same who view you as unqualified to vote also view your elected representatives as your leader.)

If Congress is to simply impeach anyone with whom they disagree, then why vote at all? Why not simply let Congress choose? The fall of this nation continues.