Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Posting here has been sparse over the past month.

On the morning of June 25, I left the country on a week-long cruise to Honduras, the Caymans, and Mexico, and then I went to New York City to visit some friends. The posts that were here in the meantime were typed weeks ago. I just don't like broadcasting the fact that my home is empty.

While I was in NYC, we stayed at a hotel in Hell's Kitchen, blocks from Times Square. While we were there, we found ourselves in the middle of two different BLM protests. After several days of that, we decided that it was in our best interest to head for safe harbor. Unarmed, thanks to the fact that we were in NYC, and hearing about protesters blocking highways, we made the decision to head for our alternate BOL in Maine, and stayed there for a week. It was nice to get in some fishing.

By the time we left for home, the protests had died down, and we left for home. A 4100 mile road trip, preceded by a 2200 mile cruise means that I traveled 6300 miles this summer.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

My recommendation

Since the anti-gun fix is in, you should probably begin planning for the inevitable now:

Here, use your own furnace to melt aluminum:

Then, you can use styrofoam molds to make the weapon:

Then, buy a CNC machine for $1500.

I am guessing that you can make 4 or 5 firearms a day.

No funding, no study

I believe that I am immune to Chickenpox, even though my doctors all disagree. Why?

When I was a child, my mother deliberately exposed me to other children who had it, in an attempt to have me get the illness, and then be immune to it. I didn't get it.

Since then, I have been directly caring for at least 7 different people who had chickenpox, and I didn't get it. Working in the healthcare industry for over 22 years, I had multiple employers test me to see if I had developed antibodies to the virus, and I had not. So, they insisted that I get the vaccine.

I have had the vaccine no fewer than 5 times in my life. I still do not develop antibodies, and I still have never caught the illness. What do doctors say about this?

Adults who have no demonstrable VZV antibodies after 3 doses of vaccine must be presumed to remain susceptible to varicella. There are no data on vaccination with more than 3 doses.
Now, I know why there is no data. The reason for this is that fewer than 1 in 100,000 adults fail to seroconvert after 3 doses. There is just no money to be made in doing a study of such a small population. The reason that I bring this up is to remind everyone that there is much that we we don't know about our universe, and unless there is money to be made or some other compelling reason, we likely will never investigate it.

The good news here for me means that I will likely never have shingles, either.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Florida numbers

So the anti gun forces are again claiming that firearm ownership is declining. They are basing this on a survey where 1000 people were asked if they have guns in their home. Bayou Renaissance Man thinks they are incorrect, and I agree with his assessment.

On March 20th of this year, there were 1,529,132 concealed weapons permits in the state of Florida. There are now 1,598,213. That is an increase of 69,081 in three months. That is an annual increase of 18%. For the previous 12 month period (February 2015 through February 2016), there was a 20 percent increase in concealed weapons permits in the state. In fact, the number of permits has been increasing for decades.

Florida now has one concealed weapons permitee for each 10.1 adults. That is an all time high, and at the current rate, the number of permitted persons will exceed 1.75 million before the next presidential inauguration.

Monday, June 27, 2016

US credit rating manipulated

Remember back in 2011, when the US credit rating was downgraded? Did you also know that the US Congress used its investigative and legislative powers to harass the rating company who did it?

On August 5, 2011, representatives from S&P announced the company's decision to give its first-ever downgrade to U.S. sovereign debt, lowering the rating one notch to "AA+", with a negative outlook. The government was furious. Two weeks after the August, 2011 S&P downgrade, SEC and Department of Justice announced that S&P was under investigation, and the CEO of S&P was forced to resign just 18 days later.

Three years later, filed a $5 Billion lawsuit against the company.

You can bet that no ratings agency will ever do that again.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Why gun laws can't work

Imagine carving an AR-15 lower out of styrofoam, and then using the method shown in this video to cast it out of aluminum. You have just made a ghost gun, completely untraceable and unknown to the government.

If there is a so called assault weapons ban, or an outright ban of all firearms, you might as well make a machine gun. After the first felony, the rest are free.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

More on Gun Violence Archive

In a follow up to yesterday's post...

The Gun Violence Archive is claiming to be a non-partisan repository of "gun violence" and also states that they are not taking sides, but want to encourage debate. They are being used to support the fantasy that the USA has had over 1,000 mass shootings in the past 1,260 days.

In order to have an unbiased discussion about mass shootings, it is helpful to agree on a definition. The Congressional Resource Service (pdf warning), an office of the Congress of the United States, uses the same definition as the FBI:
There are three categories of these types of incidents:

Mass Murder/shooting-
These are incidents occurring in relatively public places, involving four or more deaths—not including the shooter(s)—and gunmen who select victims somewhat indiscriminately. The violence in these cases is not a means to an end—the gunmen do not pursue criminal profit or kill in the name of terrorist ideologies, for example.

Spree killing/shooting-
A spree killer is differentiated by the shooter killing in multiple locations over a relatively short period of time.

Serial killer-
A serial killer is a spree killer who kills over a long period of time, ranging from days to even decades.

Let's look at the accuracy of that claim and the accuracy of the data. Here is the "mass shooting page" of the Gun Violence Archive. The first few shootings are listed as:

June 22, 2016WashingtonLacey500 block of Dutterow Road31
June 21, 2016KentuckyLouisville2802 Rodman Street22
June 19, 2016VirginiaRoanoke2328 Melrose Avenue04
June 18, 2016VirginiaExmoreFredrick Douglas Road13
June 18, 2016GeorgiaWaycross2625 Arnold Ct22
June 18, 2016IllinoisChicagoEast 79th Street and South Escanaba Avenue04
June 14, 2016DelawareWilmingtonSouth Van Buren and Elm streets04
June 14, 2016CaliforniaOakland1301 Franklin Street13
The first thing that we notice is that they are NOT using the same definition for "mass shooting" as the US Congress or the FBI. If I were to guess, I would suspect that they are using the much looser definition of the Bloomberg funded anti-gun groups, which are using the definition of "any shooting involving 3 or more people whether or not all of them are killed, or even shot." In other words, they don't get the desired results, so they move the goalposts.

Let's look at the first incident on the list: It is a case where 4 people shot each other inside of a meth lab.

The second listed incident involved 4 family members in the same house. Another version of the same incident gives two of the victims' names. I looked up the first name, and what do you know, he is a violent felon with a long history of arrests for drugs, violence, and firearms violations. I'm betting that drugs are involved. Even so, only two killed, not in a public place, victims not random= not a mass shooting.

The third shooting on the list occurred in Roanoke, Virginia. That location has had three shootings in the past few months. Still, no one was killed, so not a mass shooting.

The fourth shooting listed was a man who was targeting individuals over a large area. He drove around and shot 4 different people, but still not a mass shooting.

The fifth shooting on the list still isn't a mass shooting, but one thing that I do want to note is from this story about the shooting:
A father of seven and a woman are dead after a weekend shooting at the Garlington Heights apartments in Waycross, Georgia.
Waycross police said Cameron Wilkins Jr., 21, and Felicia Williams, 32, were killed Saturday. The two people who were injured were not named.
Cameron was recently released from jail and was trying to get his life on track, according to his family.
Aren't they always? These are not mass shootings. They are just criminals taking each other out over gang affiliations or drug turf.

The anti gun crowd knows that most people don't care if one gang member or drug dealer takes out another. So, just like the confusion between machine guns and AR-15s, they hope to redefine the term "mass shooting" into something else, no they can mislead an uninformed electorate into voting for something that they don't want.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Gun violence archive dishonesty

There is a website calling themselves the Gun Violence Archive. They claim to be cataloging all of the gun violence in the nation without bias.

I did a brief search through their data, and I found this listing on the first page:

June 19, 2016 Arkansas Jonesboro 1300-block of Flint Street 1 dead 0 injuries

Clicking on the source link leads to this story:
JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - One person is dead following a shooting late Sunday night in Jonesboro.
Brandon Edwards, 30, of Jonesboro was killed in the incident, according to Paul Holmes, public information specialist for the Jonesboro Police Department.

What was Edwards doing when he met his end? Not attending choir practice, that's for sure:

Edwards and James Campbell were listed as suspects in an aggravated residential burglary at the same address, the incident report states.
The man living in the apartment has not been charged with a crime at this time, according to [Police].
The 33-year-old Jonesboro man told Officer Jonathan Wood he shot at Edwards [the decedent] and Campbell [the accomplice] saying, "I did it, but I had to shoot them," according to Woods in the report.
Woods reportedly asked the man where he put his gun. An "AR-15 style weapon" was recovered and found loaded.
According to the man, Edwards and Campbell forced his unlocked apartment door open following an earlier phone conversation.
Edwards reportedly came in first with a rope telling the man "he was going to kill him." Campbell followed behind holding a rifle or shotgun.
As clear cut a case of self defense as I have ever heard. Surely they can't be blaming a homeowner for defending himself from an armed burglar? So, I clicked on the incident link, and this is how they categorized the shooting:
  • Type: Victim
  • Age Group: Adult 18+
  • Status: Killed

  • Type: Perpetrator
  • Age Group: Adult 18+
  • Status: Unharmed, Arrested

The perpetrator (I refuse to call him the victim) was NOT arrested. The decedent's accomplice was. The shooter was the victim, and he was not arrested. I would say that any data or numbers that come from this website are highly suspect.

I also thought it important to note that an AR-15 was used for self defense. There is no better self defense weapon in your home than an AR-15, especially when you are faced with multiple armed attackers who are intent on killing you.