Saturday, January 21, 2017

Trump derangement

The news and social media is all abuzz with proclamations on how tacky and unrefined President Trump is, all because he chose to replace the red curtains in the Oval Office with gold curtains.

From New York Daily News:
 Trump White House could mean gaudy gold decor and tacky touches

Occupy Democrats:
Trump is known for being so insecure that he MUST bathe his home in gold accents and interior decorating. Now, he’s brought the same tacky insecurity to the Oval Office.
Hollywood Life:
We’re not 100% sure about this, but Donald might be the only president in America’s history to renovate the Oval Office so dramatically.

Overseas, as well. The UK Mirror:

Really? No other President has so dramatically renovated the Oval Office?

Every President has redecorated. Some made big changes, others did not. Take a look:

2015 (Obama):

2010 (Obama):

1990 (GHW Bush)

1998 (Clinton):

1963 (JFK)

1936 (FDR)

 1945 (Truman)

1956 (Eisenhower)

1933 (Coolidge):

1909 (Taft):

Don't we have more important things to talk about than how the man chooses to decorate his office?

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Anonymous said...

looks to me like Trump reused Clinton's curtains... Just Sayin'