Saturday, January 10, 2015

This is why I don't use Tasers

If you carry a concealed firearm, you will invariably hear a variation of this: "Why do you need to carry a gun? A Taser is just as good, and you won't kill anyone."

Here is a story about a couple who was arrested when they attacked a security guard who had just deployed a Taser against them. After shrugging off the shock, they turned it on him and beat him senseless. The guard was foolish at best. He entered a fight that had at least 4 participants, while carrying a contact weapon (or if it fired darts, a single shot weapon with a range of only 20 feet) and got his ass handed to him.

Tasers are ineffective in a situation like that.

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Anonymous said...

An alternative title or focus could have been "Who needs to carry a firearm in a bar or restaurant? -- Perhaps one of the 3 people beaten up there."

You listed two of the reasons why I don't recommend a taser.

The current conditions in Dallas, Dallas Texas of all places, is showing another. It is 35 degrees outside. People are wearing thick coats outside and multiple layers inside.

Bob S.