Saturday, January 4, 2014

So much for that

Well, while returning all of my ex-girlfriend's stuff to her father, he promised me that he would get her to return all of my things to me. She has a lot of my clothes, especially sweatshirts, jackets, and sweaters. I also asked that she return a pair of very expensive diamond earrings that I had given her a few months ago, since I would never have given them to her had I known that she was texting her lover while she was standing next to me as I was paying for them.

He has since cut off all communication with me. He will not answer phone calls or emails. He holds himself out as a religious man, and is an elder in his church. Christians believe it to be a sin to steal, yet he is complicit with his daughter in stealing from me.

It looks as though my only recourse will be to file a lawsuit against my ex-girlfriend in order to recover some of the money that she has cost me. I normally wouldn't bother, but this is a significant amount of money.

It would have been cheaper to hire a prostitute.


CelticGirl said...

Get that stuff back!!!

Borepatch said...

Man, that stinks.