Monday, January 13, 2014

More insanity

So I'm trying to put my life back in order. To keep things as orderly as possible, here is a recap:

I was dumped in the days leading up to Christmas. No warning, no hints. The last I had heard from her just 4 hours before the breakup was a text message that thanked me for being her best friend and her Prince Charming, and for putting up with what she called "all of [her] Shenanigans." Of course, having been blindsided like that, I was devastated. Since she had broken off all contact, I met with her father and returned her things to him.

Then, a week after Christmas, she attempted to reconcile things, and promised to call. She didn't. A few days later, she sent me an email telling me to leave her alone, along with a list of some of her stuff that I apparently didn't include when I returned her stuff. She said she would return my possessions to me.

Then, the next day, I got an email from her father, stating that I would NOT be getting my stuff back. The day after that, I got yet another email, this one from her, saying that I would. I also got a package from Amazon that afternoon that she had overnighted to my house, supposedly by mistake.

So, yesterday, I sent her a picture of a piece of costume jewelry that I found in my house, and asked her if it belonged to her, and if it did, I told her that I would put it in the box to return it with the rest of the things she had asked for. She replied that now she didn't want any of her things back, but would still be returning my stuff.

Clear as mud? Yeah, I am confused, too. I just want to get some things back that she has, and get this crazy woman out of my life. The things that she has have a lot of sentimental value to me, and I really want them back. They are some souvenirs from my dead father, from my time with the military, and from my time as a firefighter. They have little cash value, but are my only connections to my father and to my past.

I still don't know why she had them, nor do I know why she is acting so crazy.

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Anonymous said...

"Crazy" is her default setting. Actually, a substantial number of women are "crazy" to varying degrees. You had the misfortune to pick one out at one of the tails of the bell curve. Painful, to be sure, but at least now you have the experience to recognize it, hopefully early enough to avoid it in the future.

I suggest following Wraith's advice from his comment in your Saturday post. Write it off as a valuable but expensive learning experience and move on. Your sanity will be better for it.